Pamela (name)

Pamela (name)

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Pamela is a feminine given name of Greek language origin invented by Sir Philip Sidney for a character in "Arcadia" that he wrote in the late 16th century. He might have intended it to mean "all sweetness" as a combination of the Greek words "pan" ("all") and "meli" ("honey"). [cite web |url= |title=Pamela] [cite web |url= |title=Pamela - name meaning and origin | |accessdate=2008-03-24] Pamela is commonly abbreviated to "Pam" [cite web | url= | title=Pam ] .

The British author Samuel Richardson published "Pamela" in 1740 or 1741. After its release Pamela became a popular name for girls in the UK and the USA.Fact|date=March 2008

Pamela is an uncommon surname.

People with the name or its variants include:

Given name

* Pamela Anderson
* Pam Ayres
* Pamela Bellwood
* Pamela Beesly
* Pamela J. Bjorkman
* Pamela Bordes
* Pamela Britton
* Pamela Brown (writer)
* Pamela Ashley Brown (reporter)
* Pamela Brown (actor)
* Pamela Bustin
* Pamela Copus
* Pamela Courson
* Pamela Cox
* Pamela Kyle Crossley
* Pamela Crowe
* Pamela Cundell
* Pamela Dean
* Pamela Des Barres born Pamela Ann Miller
* Pamela Duncan
* Pamela Fitzgerald (born 1984), camogie player
* Pamela Fitzgerald (1773?–1831), wife of Lord Edward FitzGerald and probably daughter of Madame de Genlis
* Pamela Frank
* Pamela Frankau
* Pamela Franklin
* Pamela Geller
* Pamela Gemin
* Pamela Gidley
* Pamela Green
* Pamela Green (DJ)
* Pamela Harmsworth, Viscountess Rothermere
* Pamela Harriman
* Pamela Hayden
* Pamela Healy
* Pamela Hensley
* Lady Pamela Hicks
* Pamela Hill
* Pamela Isaacs
* Dr. Pamela Lillian Isley or Poison Ivy
* Pamela Jenkins
* Pamela Hansford Johnson
* Pamela Jones
* Pamela M. Kilmartin
* Pamela Levy
* Pamela London
* Pam Long
* Pamela Martin
* Pamela Sue Martin
* Pamela Melroy
* Pamela Munro
* Pamela Paulshock
* Pamela Payton-Wright
* Lourdes Pamela Pop
* Pamela Power
* Pamela Rambo
* Pamela Ramljak
* Pamela C. Rasmussen
* Pamela Reed
* Pamela Ribon
* Pamela Salem
* Pamela Samuelson
* Pamela Sargent
* Pamela Segall
* Pamela Sharples
* Pamela Susan Shoop
* Pamela Silver
* Pamela Smart
* Pamela Colman Smith
* Pamela Spence: Turkish singer born to an U.S. father and Turkish mother in Germany; commonly known under her first name, Pamela;
* Pamela Spence, Turkish rock singer
* Pamela Spencer
* Pamela Stein
* Pamela Stephenson
* Pamela Lyndon Travers
* Pamela Rogers Turner
* Pamela Vitale
* Pamela Voorhees
* Pamela Wallin
* Pamela Willeford
* Pamela Williams
* Pamela Zoline


* Lucia Pamela

Fictional characters

* Pamela of the Jungle, a comic-book jungle girl created by Italian author Enrico Teodorani [cite web |url= |title=Pamela of the jungle |]
* Pam Beesly, a character in "The Office"


ee also

*Pam (disambiguation)
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