Croatia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2004

Croatia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2004
Eurovision Song Contest 2004
Country  Croatia
National selection
Selection process Dora 2004
Selection date(s) Spring 2004
Selected entrant Ivan Mikulić
Selected song "You Are The Only One"
Finals performance
Final result 12th, 50 points

Croatia was represented by Ivan Mikulić and the song "You Are The Only One". The Croatian Final "Dora" was held in the Crystal Ballroom of the Hotel Kvarner in Opatija on March 14, hosted by Dusko Curlic, Tihana Zrnic and Barbara Radulović. Before the final, two semi-finals were held in which the top 6 songs qualified. The winner was chosen by regional televoting and SMS voting. 'Daješ mi krila' was chosen by the Croatian jury and public with 71 points. Ivan Mikulić previously came 11th in the 1995 Croatian Final, 8th in 1996, 13th in 1997, 11th in 1998 and 9th in 2002.

At Eurovision, Ivan sang his song in English and delivered a subtle and simple performance. The stage went completely dark with his back-up singers lined up behind him. Ivan just missed out on qualifying Croatia into the final for 2005 scoring the same number of points as Malta, 50, but ended up coming in 13th place because of tie breaking rules.

Final - March 14

Position Song Performer Points Place
1 Iluzija Magnetic 19 10th
2 Ostani Petra Kosalec 11 12th
3 Pala si sa neba Alen Nizetic 17 11th
4 Odjednom ti Merita's & Massimo 32 7th
5 Strastvena zena Ivana Kindl 27 8th
6 Ljubav moja si ti Mladen Grdovic 24 9th
7 Još samo ovaj put Ibrica Jusic 49 5th
8 Prava istina Lana 40 6th
9 Noah Andrea 67 2nd
10 Malo pomalo Karma 56 3rd
11 Nema razloga Jacques Houdek 55 4th
12 Daješ mi krila Ivan Mikulić 71 1st

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