Speak Good English Movement

Speak Good English Movement

The Speak Good English Movement is a program launched by the government of Singapore. Singaporeans usually speak a variant or dialect of English known as Singlish, which has heavy influences from Chinese and Malay in pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary, and can be incomprehensible to non-Singaporeans. According to the governmentFact|date=June 2007, this causes problems when Singaporeans need to deal with people from other countries in business and trade, so the campaign aims to discourage the use of Singlish and encourage the increased use of a more standardized form of English (i.e. generally modelled on the British standard). The launch of the program has been reportedlyFact|date=June 2007 unable to effectively change the diglossia (two parallel languages for formal and informal situations) among Singaporeans. Singlish still remains as a "common language" among Singaporeans, and is mostly used in informal communication, while a more standardized form is used for formal communication.

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* Speak Mandarin Campaign

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* [http://www.goodenglish.org.sg/SGEM/ Official site]

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