Deus Ex mods

Deus Ex mods

As with most games based on or using the Unreal Engine, Deus Ex allows users to modify existing game content and rules, and/or create new content through the use of a separate SDK.


Software development kit

Deus Ex is built on Unreal Engine, previous games of which saw active community involvement in modding.[1] On September 20, 2000, Eidos Interactive and Ion Storm announced in a press release that they will be releasing the software development kit (SDK). According to the announcement, the SDK includes all the tools used to create the original game. Several team members as well as project director Warren Spector said that they are "really looking forward to seeing what [the community] does with our tools".[2] The kit was released on September 22, 2000.[3] SDK's release soon gathered community interest, followed by release of tutorials, small mods to announcements of large mods and conversions. While ION Storm did not hugely alter the engine's rendering and core functionality, they introduced role-playing elements.[1]

Notable mods

In 2009, a fan-made mod called The Nameless Mod (TNM) was released by Off Topic Productions.[4] The game pits the protagonist as a user of an Internet forum, with digital places represented as physical locations. The mod offers roughly the same amount of gameplay as Deus Ex and adds several new features to the game, with a more open world structure than Deus Ex and new weapons such as the player character's fists. The mod was developed over 7 years and has thousands of lines of recorded dialogue and two different parallel story arcs. Upon its release, TNM earned a 9/10 overall from Australia's PCPowerPlay magazine.[5] In ModDB's 2009 Mod of the Year awards, The Nameless Mod won the Editor's Choice award for Best Singleplayer Mod.[6]

Two texture mods, Project HDTP and the enhanced OpenGL renderer, were featured in a July 2007 issue of Game Informer, along with gameplay mod Shifter.[citation needed]


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