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The name Joyce jo(y)-ce is used for females rarely used by males. However, it is currently in greater use by the latter. (The [ US Social Security site] shows that "Joyce" has not been among the Top 1000 baby names chosen for a male since 1946. On the other hand, "Joyce" has been among the Top 1000 baby names for females, and as of 2007 ranks at #831.) It is of Latin origin, and its meaning is "joy". The name has been in use since the Middle Ages.

There are several notable individuals with the name Joyce:

As a first name


*Joyce Ladner, (1943), American sociologist and author
*Joyce Lambert, (1917 - 2005), botanist and stratigrapher
*Joyce Marcus, American archaeologist
*Joyce K. Reynolds, computer science professor
*Joyce Ann Tyldesely, British archaeologist, academic, and freelance writer
*Joyce Winifred Vickery, (1908 - 1979), Australian botanist


*Joyce Ballantyne, (1918 - 2006), American painter of pin-ups
*Joyce Wieland, (1931 - 1998), Canadian experimental filmmaker and mixed media artist


*Joyce Chen, (1917 - 1994), chef with a line of cookware
*Joyce Hall, (1891 - 1982), American businessman and founder of Hallmark Cards
*Joyce Nicholson, (1919), Australian author and business woman

Film, television, & theater

*Joyce Blair, (1932 - 2006), English actress and dancer
*Dr. Joyce Brothers, (1928), TV personality
*Joyce Bulifant, (1937), American actress
*Joyce Carey, (1898 - 1993), British actress
*Joyce Chopra, (1938), American film director
*Joyce Coad, (1917 - 1987), American child actress
*Joyce Compton, (1907 - 1997), American actress
*Joyce DeWitt, (1949), American actress ("Three's Company")
*Joyce Giraud, (1975), Puerto Rican actress and model
*Joyce Godenzi, (1965), beauty queen and actress of Chinese and Australian descent
*Joyce Grenfell, (1910 - 1979), English actress, comedienne & singer-songwriter
*Joyce Hyser, (1957), American actress
*Joyce Jacobs, (1922), British character actress
*Joyce Jimenez, (1978), Filipino American actress
*Joyce MacKenzie, (1929), American actress
*Joyce Neville, (1982), American model
*Joyce Nizzari, (1940), American model & actress
*Joyce Randolph, (1925), American actress
*Joyce Redman, (1918), British actress
*Joyce Sparer Adler, (1916 - 1999), American critic, playwright and teacher
*Joyce Van Patten, (1934), American actress

Literature & Print Media

*Joyce Cary, (1888 - 1957), Irish novelist
*Joyce Cavalcante, (1949), Brazilian novelist
*Joyce Brabner, (1952), writer of political comics
*Joyce Dyer, (1947), American scholar and writer of memoirs
*Joyce Jillson, (1946 - 2004), American syndicated astrologer, actress and author
*Joyce Johnson, (1935), American Award-winning author
*Joyce Kilmer, (1886 - 1918), American poet
*Joyce Lussu, (1912 - 1998), Italian writer, translator and partisan
*Joyce Mansour, (1928 - 1986), British-born Egyptian surrealist poet
*Joyce Maynard, (1953), American writer
*Joyce Carol Oates, (1938), American novelist
*Joyce Carol Thomas, (1938), African American playwright, illustrator and children's books authors


*Joyce, (b. 1948), Brazilian singer-songwriter
*Joyce Auguste, Saint Lucian musician and leader of The Hewanorra Voices
*Joyce Cooling, American smooth jazz guitarist
*Joyce Hatto, (1928 - 2006), faux English pianist
*Joyce Sims, (1959), American singer-songwriter and pianist
*Joyce Wright, (1922), English opera singer and actress
*Joyce Yang, (1986), Korean pianist
*Joyce Zhao Hong Qiao, (1979), Taiwanese actress and member of music group 7 Flowers

News media

*Joyce Ohajah, British journalist and news anchor


*Joyce Anelay, Baroness Anelay of St Johns, Conservative member of the House of Lords
*Joyce Banda, (1951), Malawian Member of Parliament
*Joyce Beatty, (1950), Member of the Ohio House of Representatives
*Joyce Butler, (1910 - 1992), British Labour Co-operative politician
*Joyce Cusack, (1942), American member of the Florida House of Representatives
*Joyce Fairbairn, (1939), Canadian Senator and first woman to serve as Leader of the Government in the Senate
*Joyce Gemayel, wife of former President of Lebanon, Amin Gemayel (1982-1988), and mother of the assassinated politician Pierre Amine Gemayel
*Joyce Hens Green, (1928), judge for the United States District Court for the District of Columbia
*Joyce Karlin, federal prosecutor, Los Angeles County Superior Court judge, and then a two-term mayor of Manhattan Beach, California
*Joyce L. Kennard, (1941), Indonesian-born associate justice on the California Supreme Court
*Joyce Mojonnier, California Assemblywoman from 1983 to 1991
*Joyce Mujuru, (1956), Zimbabwean politician, who serves as co-vice-president of the Zanu-PF party
*Joyce Quin, Baroness Quin, (1944), British Labour Party politician
*Joyce Elaine Roop, (1952 - 1995), attorney and environmental activist
*Joyce Savoline, Canadian politician
*Joyce Steele, (1910), Australian politician and the first woman elected to the Parliament of South Australia
*Joyce Trimmer, (1927), Canadian politician
*Joyce Watson, Welsh Labour Party politician and a Member of the National Assembly for Wales for Mid and West Wales


*Joyce Meyer, (1943), Christian Evangelical author & speaker


*Joyce Chepchumba, (1970), Kenyan long distance athlete
*Joyce King, (1927), Australian sprinter
*Joyce Walker, American basketball player and coach
*Joyce Wethered, (1901 - 1997), British golfer
*Joyce Ziske, (1935), American golfer


*Joyce Chiang, (1970 - 1999), Taiwanese-American woman who disappeared and was later found dead in Washington DC in a manner similar to Chandra Levy

As a last name

Joyce was the surname of one of the Tribes of Galway


*David Joyce, (1825 - 1904), American lumber baron and industrialist whose daughter, Beatrice Joyce Kean, established the Joyce Foundation
*Patrick H. Joyce, (1879 - 1946) American railroad executive
*Ron Joyce, (1930), Canadian billionaire and co-founder of Tim Horton's donut chain

Film, Television, & Theater

*Alice Joyce, (1890 - 1955), American actress
*Brenda Joyce Birth Name:Betty Leabo , (1912), American actress
*Elaine Joyce, (1945), American actress
*Ella Joyce, (1954), American actress
*Emily Joyce, (1970), British actress
*Natalie Joyce, (1902 - 1992), American film actress
*Peggy Hopkins Joyce, (1893 - 1957), American actress
*Yootha Joyce, (1927 - 1980), English actress

Literature & Print Media

*Brenda Joyce, American author
*Graham Joyce, English science fiction writer
*James Joyce, (1882 - 1941), Irish novelist
*Michael Joyce, (1945), American author and professor of English at Vassar College
*Patrick Weston Joyce, (1827 - 1914), Irish author, brother of Robert Dwyer Joyce
*Robert Dwyer Joyce, (1830 - 1883), Irish poet
*Stanislaus Joyce, (1894 - 1955), Irish writer, teacher and scolar; brother of James Joyce
*Trevor Joyce, (1947), Irish poet
*William Joyce, (1957), American children's books author & illustrator


*Don Joyce, member of the experimental music group Negativland
*Eileen Joyce, (1912 - 1991), Australian pianist
*Mike Joyce, (1963), British drummer ("The Smiths")


*Barnaby Joyce, (1967), Australian politician
*Brian A. Joyce, Democratic state Senator from Massachusetts
*Charles Herbert Joyce, (1830 - 1916), US Representative from Vermont
*Eric Joyce, (1960), British politician and member of Parliament
*George Joyce, (1618 - ?1670?), agitator during the English Civil War
*Kevin Joyce, Illinois State Representative for the 35 district
*William Joyce, British Nazi propagandist


*Gilbert Cunningham Joyce, (1866 - 1942), educator and Bishop of Monmouth
*Isaac Wilson Joyce, (1836 - 1905), American bishop in the Methodist Episcopal Church
*Jeremiah Joyce, (1763 - 1816), Unitarian minister and writer


*Gerald Joyce, (1956), scientist


*Alan Joyce, (1942), Australian footballer
*Bill Joyce, (1887 - ?), Scottish footballer
*Bill Joyce, (1865 - 1941), American baseball player
*Bob Joyce, (1966), Canadian ice hockey player
*Cecelia Joyce, (1983), Irish cricketer
*Don Joyce, (1929), American football player for the Baltimore Colts from 1958 to 1960
*Dominick Joyce, (1981), Irish cricketer
*Ed Joyce, (1978), Irish cricketer
*Gus Joyce, (1974), Irish cricketer
*Isobel Joyce, (1983), Irish cricketer
*Jim Joyce, (1955), Major League Baseball umpire
*Joan Joyce, (1940), softball icon, among other sports
*Joe Joyce, (1961), an English former footballer and currently appointed Academy Manager at Newcastle United
*Kara Lynn Joyce, (1985), American swimmer, competed at the 2004 Athens Olympic Games
*Leilani Joyce, (1974), professional squash player from New Zealand
*Luke Joyce, (1987), American soccer player for Carlisle United F.C
*Michael Joyce, (1973), American tennis player
*Pádraic Joyce, (1977) Irish Gaelic football player for County Galway
*Sean Joyce, (1967), English footballer
*Warren Joyce, (1965), English footballer


*Kerry Joyce, American interior designer
*Lucia Joyce, (1907 - 1982), Ballet dancer and daughter of writer James Joyce
*Philip Michael Joyce, (1920 - 1942), U.S. Navy ensign
*Ryan Joyce, Canadian illusionist

As fictional characters

*Joyce Benson, fictional character on the short-lived seventies comedy, "Angie"
*Gilda Joyce, a character in the "Gilda Joyce" mystery novel series writer by Jennifer Allison
*Joyce Summers, (1958 - 2001), the mother of "Buffy Summers" in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"

Place names

*Burton Joyce, large village in Nottinghamshire, England
*Edmund P. Joyce Center, multi-purpose arena in South Bend, Indiana
*Joyce, Washington, on the Olympic Peninsula
*James Joyce Bridge, road bridge in Dublin, Ireland
*James Joyce Centre
*Joyce Theater, dance performance venue in the Chelsea area of Manhattan in New York
*James Joyce Tower and Museum, Martello tower in Sandycove, Dublin, where James Joyce spent six nights in 1904
*Mount Joyce, prominent, dome-shaped mountain, 1,830 m, standing 8 miles (13 km) northwest of Mount Howard in the Prince Albert Mountains, Victoria Land
*R. F. Joyce Observatory, home observatory of the Canterbury Astronomical Society (CAS), situated near West Melton, Christchurch, New Zealand.
*Ronald V. Joyce Stadium, stadium in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Other uses

*Some models of the Amstrad PCW were also affectionately known as Joyce, especially in Germany; the name is that of a secretary of Alan Sugar, the founder of Amstrad, and was the codename of the machine while it was in development.
*Joyce is also on lists of tropical cyclone names worldwide.
*JB Joyce & Co, clock manufacturer
*USS Joyce (DE-317), U.S. Navy World War II Edsall class destroyer escort

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