Design e2

Design e2

Infobox television
show_name = e2 design

caption = The economies of being environmentally conscious
format = documentary television series
runtime = 25 minutes per episode
starring-Season_one = Paul Goldberger
Cameron Sinclair
Susan S. Szenasy
Werner Sobek
Michael McDonough

narrated = Brad Pitt & Morgan Freeman
creator = kontentreal
country = USA
network = PBS
season one aired = 2006
season two aired = 2008
num_episodes = 18
website =
imdb_id = 0806877

e2 design is an eighteen part documentary-style television series investigating sustainable living and green design from New York City to rural Mexico. It was narrated by Brad Pitt in Season 1 and Morgan Freeman in Season 2. It was produced by kontentreal for PBS and underwritten by Autodesk.

It is a part of the larger series e2: the economies of being environmentally conscious, which explore the solutions to prescient environmental challenges. Comprised of eighteen half-hour episodes, the series covers topics including design, energy, water, food, transportation and places & people.

Shot in high definition, e2 features the thought leaders, innovators and inventors who are catalysts for positive change in the relationship between humans and the environment.


#The Green Apple: sustainable design options for skyscrapers in New York city.
#Green for All: incorporating cultural values into sustainable design for impoverished communities such as rural Mexico.
#The Green Machine: the benefits of authoritarian leadership are demonstrated in the green projects of Chicago mayor Daley
#Gray to Green: residential reuse of structural components from Boston's Big Dig
#China: From Red to Green: sustainable design in new construction in China
#Deeper Shades of Green: profiles of three thinkers in sustainable design

#The Druk White Lotus School — Ladakh: The school features sustainable technologies that suit the altitude and landscape, as well as Ladakh's cultural climate.
#Greening the Federal Government: The U.S. General Services Administration's Design Excellence program commissioned Pritzker Prize-winning Architect Thom Mayne to design the San Francisco Federal Building, a structure that aims to be the prototype for tomorrow's workplace.
#Bogotá: Building a Sustainable City: Enrique Peñalosa transformed one of the world's most chaotic cities into a model of civic-minded and sustainable urban planning.
#Affordable Green Housing: New York City is known for its diversity, but that quality isn't always reflected in its public housing developments, which often ignore the social and cultural characteristics of the communities who live in them.
#Adaptive Reuse in the Netherlands: Dutch planners tap into their innate design sensibility and the industrial landscape to create a sustainable development in Amsterdam's abandoned dockyards, Borneo Sporenburg.
#Architecture 2030: Architect-turned-activist Ed Mazria's Architecture 2030 organization is galvanizing commitment to a carbon-neutral building sector by the year 2030.

#Harvesting the Wind: Wind energy is a growing source of energy and income for farmers in Minnesota; wind co-ops.
#Energy for a Developing World: The Grameen Shakti organization in Bangladesh distributes small solar-energy systems and portable biogas systems.
#Paving the Way
#Growing Energy
#State of Resolve: California's laws regulating greenhouse gas emissions could influence the U.S. toward a cleaner energy future.
#Coal & Nuclear: Problem or Solution: Renewables, bio-fuels, solar, wind and other alternative energy sources may offer solutions to the world's demand for power.

External links

* [ Official website]
* [ Summary podcasts] - a good way to get the official episode listings for seasons 1–2
* [ Druk White Lotus School website]

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