Love Bites Dog

Love Bites Dog

Infobox Television episode | Title = Love Bites Dog
Series = Frasier
Season = 4
Episode = 02

Caption = Niles trying to counsel Bulldog after his girlfriend dumped him
Airdate = 24 September 1996
Production = 40571-074
Writer = Joe Keenan
Director = David Lee
Guests = Jen Campbell (Sharon)
Michael Whaley (Pete)
Kay E. Kuter (wino)
Marv Albert as Jerry)
Julius “Dr. J” Erving (Mike)
Bob Costas (Jake)
Prev = The Two Mrs. Cranes
Next = The Impossible Dream
Episode list = List of Frasier episodes (Season 4)

"Love Bites Dog" is the second episode of season 4 of American sitcom "Frasier".

Cast and characters

Main cast and characters

*Kelsey GrammerDr. Frasier Crane
*David Hyde PierceDr. Niles Crane
*John MahoneyMartin Crane
*Jane LeevesDaphne Moon
*Peri GilpinRoz Doyle

Recurring cast

*Dan ButlerBob 'Bulldog' Briscoe

Plot outline

Noting that Frasier has not been with a woman for many months, Roz arranges a blind date with her friend Sharon, a former professional golfer. Although reluctant, Frasier agrees. When he meets her, they are immediately attracted and start getting on well, until Bulldog enters and starts talking sports in his bullish arrogant way. He claims that golf is not a real sport (“no cheerleaders, no blood, and the only cups are in the ground”), so Sharon challenges him to a game. They leave together and quickly become an item, much to Roz's anger.

Unusually for him, Bulldog is genuinely in love, but is heartbroken when Sharon dumps him over the phone shortly before his show. He goes on air but quickly breaks down in tears when a caller alludes to a rumour about the Seahawks leaving Seattle. Frasier is forced to fill in, and feeling completely out of place and humiliated, he has to try to restore Bulldog to his normal self, and quickly.

Meanwhile, Niles attempts to boost his psychiatry practice by placing an advertisement, which is supposed to read: "Dr. Niles Crane, Jung specialist", but one mistyped letter causes a lot of trouble. Daphne accidentally destroys Martin's favourite shoes.

Episode Title Cards

*"Nothing says “I love you” like deep flannel linings"
*"It’s hammer time"
*"Who are you and what have you done with Bulldog?"

Memorable Quotations

"Roz is trying to persuade Frasier to go on a blind date with Sharon. She is struggling to keep his attention"
Roz: She plays chess. She loves your show. And I know this sort of thing isn’t supposed to matter to people like you, but I’ve seen her in the showers at the gym and she has a body that makes Bo Derek look like Bo Diddley!
Frasier: A chess player, you say?

"Niles announces his plan to advertise his services in the Seattle Style magazine"
Frasier: An advertisement? Isn’t that a bit commercial for a psychiatrist?
Niles: Said Dr. Pot to Dr. Kettle!

"It seems that Bulldog is in love"
Bulldog: You know what? I gotta call her. "(picks up the phone)" No, wait. No, I gotta play hard to get. "(slams phone down)" But I miss the sound of her voice. I’m calling her. "(picks up phone)" No, wait. It’s too needy. Chicks hate that. "(puts phone down)" I shouldn’t call her. But I want to! "(picks up phone before putting it down again)" Doc, what should I do?!
Frasier: Don’t ask me. I don’t even know who you are!


*The episode marks the first time Dan Butler was given a role as a main cast member.
*The episode's title is drawn from the phrase "Man bites dog".

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