Amp or AMP may refer to:


* Adenosine monophosphate, a nucleotide found in RNA;
* Ampere, a unit of electrical current;
* Amplifier, a device that increases the amplitude of a signal;
* Antimicrobial peptides, immune system peptides;


* Alliance of the Presidential Majority ("Alliance pour la majorité présidentielle", AMP), a political platform in the Democratic Republic of Congo;
* Americans for Medical Progress, a medical research charity;
* Ameriprise Financial, a finance company spun off from American Express in 2005;
* AMP Incorporated, a manufacturer of electrical connectors which was taken over by Tyco Electronics;
* AMP Limited, an Australian financial services company;


* AMP packages, software suites consisting of Apache, MySQL and PHP;
* Ampersand, a printable character;


* Adobe Media Player, a media player from Adobe;
* Adventures in Motion Pictures, a UK ballet company;
* Amp (band), a rock and electronic band;
* AMP Radio Networks, a Malaysian-based radio company;
* "Amp" (TV series), a music video show on MTV;
* Australian Music Prize, an annual Australian music award;


* Advanced Manufacturing Park, a manufacturing technology park in the United Kingdom;
* Advanced Mobile Phone System, a first-generation analog cellular technology;
* Air Member for Personnel, a senior appointment in the Royal Air Force;
* AMP Energy, a drink made by PepsiCo;
* Amplified Bible, a translation of the Bible;
* Ampoule, a medical container;
* Asset Management Platform, a GPS based telemetry system for rail car and locomotive tracking and protection from RFTrax;
* AutoMag (pistol), an automatic Magnum pistol;

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