International Jugglers' Association

International Jugglers' Association

The International Jugglers' Association or IJA is the oldest and largest organization of jugglers. It is open to members worldwide although most of its members live in North America.

Conventions and competitions

The Stage Championships are the formal competition that offers medals and prize money for juggling performances done on stage in front of an audience. There are three categories: Individuals (individual competitors), Teams (two or more people per team) and Juniors (individuals 17 years old or younger). First, second and third place winners in the Stage Championships are awarded medals and money prizes.

The Numbers Championships awards Gold medals to those who demonstrate that they can juggle the most balls, clubs or rings for the most catches. Competition occurs in three categories: Individuals, Duos and Trios. See the current IJA records. [ [] ]

Starting at the 2006 convention, prize is given to each "numbers" winner, with an extra prize for anyone who breaks an existing International Jugglers' Association record.

The convention is held in a different city each year during mid-to-late July. Aside from the competitions, at the convention there are shows open to the public in which professional jugglers perform, and workshops are taught by advanced jugglers.

List of host convention cities

*2007 Winston-Salem, North Carolina
*2006 Portland, Oregon
*2005 Davenport, Iowa
*2004 Buffalo, New York
*2003 Reno, Nevada
*2002 Reading, Pennsylvania
*2001 Madison, Wisconsin
*2000 Montreal, Quebec, Canada
*1999 Niagara Falls, New York
*1998 Primm, Nevada
*1997 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
*1996 Rapid City, South Dakota
*1995 Las Vegas, Nevada
*1994 Burlington, Vermont
*1993 Fargo, North Dakota
*1992 Montreal, Quebec, Canada
*1991 St. Louis, Missouri
*1990 Los Angeles, California
*1989 Baltimore, Maryland
*1988 Denver, Colorado
*1986 San Jose, California
*1947 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


The IJA has published Jugglers' World and JUGGLE Magazine.

Notable IJA Members

Record holders and stage champions

*Thomas Dietz
*Vova Galchenko
*Michael Karas
*Peter Kaseman
*Tsushi Kikyo
*Takashi Kikyo
*Robert Mosher III
*Christoph Mitasch
*Manuel Mitasch
*Wes Peden

2007-2008 Board members

*Don Lewis, Board Chair
*Art Jennings, Chairman Emeritus (deceased August 2007)
*Kim Laird
*Will Penman
*Jerry Martin
*Chuck Hawley
*Sandy Brown
*John Satriano

ee also

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External links

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* [ Internet Juggling Database]
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