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Felix (Latin for "happy" or "lucky") is a male given name and the name of many different individuals, both real and fictional. The surname Felix is observed among the English, Danish, Dutch, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese and Russian.



*Felix and Adauctus
*Felix and Nabor
*Felix and Regula
*Felix of Burgundy
*Felix of Cantalica
*Felix of Como
*Felix of Cornwall
*Felix of Nicosia
*Felix of Nola
*Felix of Rhuys
*Felix of Thibiuca (247-303), bishop and martyr, former patron saint of Venosa
*Felix of Valois
*Felix, martyred with Anesius
*Felix, one of the Martyrs of Córdoba with Aurelius and Natalia
*Felix, martyred at Furci (see Justin of Siponto)


*Pope Felix I (269–274)
*Antipope Felix II (356-365)
*Pope Felix III (483–492)
*Pope Felix IV (526-530)

*Antipope Felix V, earlier Amadeus VIII of Savoy (1439-1449)

Bishops and Priests

*Felix of Byzantium, bishop of Byzantium
*Félix Caballero, a Priest
*Felix, Bishop of Urgell


*Lucius Cornelius Sulla Felix, a Roman dictator
*Antonius Felix, procurator of Judaea
*Flavius Felix, a Roman consul
*A part of many Roman emperors' titles as a cognomen since Commodus had chosen "Felix" as part of his title

Other men with the name Felix

*Felix Adler, founder of Ethical Culture Fieldston School
*Felix Andries Vening Meinesz
*Felix Bwalya, Boxer
*Felix Calonder
*Felix Dzerzhinsky, Soviet statesman
*Félix Fénéon, a French anarchist and art critic
*Felix Guattari, French psychotherapist and philosopher
*Felix Habsburg: Felix, Archduke of Austria, Prince Royal of Hungary and Bohemia
*Félix Hernández, Venezuelan Baseball pitcher for the Seattle Mariners
*Felix Hoffmann, German chemist and inventor of Aspirin
*Felix Klein, German mathematician
*Felix von Luckner, German nobleman and navy officer
*Felix Guattari, French psychotherapist and philosopher
*Felix Mendelssohn, German composer
*Felix Ortiz, Representative of New York's 51st Assembly District
*Félix Potvin, former ice hockey goaltender
*Felix Schütz, German ice hockey player
*Felix Standaert
*Félix Trinidad, Puerto Rican boxer
*Félix Varela, Cuban churchman
*Felix Vasquez
*Felix Wankel, German inventor of the Wankel engine
*Felix Yusupov, Russian noble famous for his part in the murder of Grigory Rasputin
*Prince Felix of Schwarzenberg, Austrian statesman and part of Europe's highest nobility
*Prince Félix of Luxembourg
*Prince Felix of Denmark, Danish prince
*The pseudonym of Nicholas Wanostrocht, 19th century English cricketer
*Felix Da Housecat, a House music DJ and record producer

Fictional Felix

*Felix the Cat, cartoon character
*Felix Boulevardez, a character in the television series, The Proud Family
*Felix Gaeta, a secondary character in the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica TV series
*Felix Holt, title character in George Eliot's eponymous novel "Felix Holt, the Radical".
*Felix Gunn, a minor character in the book series, Children of the Red King
*Felix Jaeger, a character in the Gotrek and Felix series of books
*Felix Leiter, character from the James Bond books and movies
*Felix Sanders, the protagonist of the book series "The Divide" trilogy
*Felix Unger, character in television series The Odd Couple
*Felix, the protagonist of the novel Armor
*Felix, the title character from a series of Micro Power video games of the early 1980s such as "Felix in the Factory"
*Felix, a character from the Nintendo video game series Golden Sun
*Felix, a character in the video game
*Felix, a character from the video game series SSX
*Felix Lodd, A character in the Edge Chronicles
*Felix, an ex-Roman slave who was Santa's very first helper in Jeff Guinn's "The Autobiography of Santa Claus"
*Felix, a member of the Volturi Guard in the Twilight Series


*St. Felix, Prince Edward Island
*Felix, Spain is a small municipality in the Spanish province of Almería, in the autonomous community of Andalusia
*Felix Arba, Rab, honorary Roman title of island Rab in Croatia
*San Felix, uninhabited island off the coast of Chile in the Pacific Ocean
*Saint-Félix is the name or part of the name of several places
*Băile Felix, a thermal spa resort in Western Transylvania, Romania
*Felixstowe, city in England
*Felixdorf, a town in Austria


* Apache Felix, an open source OSGi framework by Apache Software Foundation.
* Felix (programming language), an open source, community-based programming language


* Felix (pet food), a brand of cat food sold in most European countries
* the Félix Award, a Quebec music award named after Félix Leclerc
* Operation Felix, a German project to conquer Gibraltar
* "Felix" (newspaper) is the weekly students' newspaper of Imperial College, London
* St. Felix's Flood, a flood disaster that struck the Netherlands in 1530
* Felix B. Maduro, one of the biggest department stores in Panama
* A bar-restaurant located in The Peninsula Hong Kong.
* the Felix meteorite of 1900, which fell in Alabama, United States (see meteorite falls)
* 1664 Felix, an asteroid
* The Free Electron Laser (FEL) for Infrared eXperiments "FELIX", located at the FOM Institute for Plasma Physics in Nieuwegein, Netherlands
* Felix Felicis, a potion that makes people lucky in the Harry Potter series
* Felix (guided bomb), an infrared-guided bomb
* Felix (musician), aka Francis Wright, dance/techno act from the early 90's with hits including "Don't You Want Me" & "It Will Make Me Crazy"
* Felix Bus Services of Stanley, Derbyshire, England
* Hurricane Felix (2007)
* AB Felix and Felix Austria, food companies

See also

* Felicia

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