Stocks Reservoir

Stocks Reservoir

Infobox lake
lake_name = Stocks Reservoir
image_lake =
caption_lake =
image_bathymetry =
caption_bathymetry =
location = Lancashire
coords = coord|53|59|45|N|2|24|50|W|type:waterbody_region:GB|display=inline,title
type = reservoir
inflow =
outflow =
catchment =
basin_countries = United Kingdom
length =
width =
area = 1.92 km²
depth =
max-depth = convert|31.4|m|ft|abbr=on|lk=on
volume = 12,000,000 m³
residence_time =
shore =
elevation =
islands =
cities =

Stocks Reservoir is an artificial lake situated at the head of the Hodder Valley in Lancashire, England.


It was created in 1932 by The Fylde Water Board by flooding the village of Dalehead and the surrounding farmland. At the peak of the building over 500 men worked there and most of them lived in a temporary village called Hollins.
Prince George officially opened the reservoir by unveiling a commemorative bronze plaque.

During the construction phase, the reservoir works were the site of an extensive 3 foot (914 mm) gauge industrial railway system which linked the dam works with a railhead on the Long Preston - Slaidburn road (Bowtell, 1988). Nearby stone quarries were also served by the railway. Steam traction engines hauled building material between the Tosside railhead and the water board depôt adjacent to Long Preston railway station.


Bowtell, H.D., (1988), "Lesser Railways of Bowland Forest and Craven Country - and the dam builders in the age of steam", Platewell Press, ISBN 0-95111-088-8

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