Royale grind

Royale grind

The Royale is a grind used in Aggressive Inline Skating. It is similar to the frontside and backside grinds and still uses both feet sliding in the h-blocks. In some areas it is known as a 'Shifty'

What makes the Royale different from the frontside and backside is the angle of the feet. In a royale, the trailing foot is bent over, so that the trailing boot is sliding on the backslide plate.

The Royale can be a difficult move to master, but once learnt many skaters use it as a 'safety trick', a trick that a skater may use when they first grind a new ledge or rail, a grind that they find comfortable.



The Fahrvergnügen, also known as the inverted royale, the full torque, and sometimes abbreviated to 'farv' or just 'nugen', is essentially a 'backwards' royale. The lead foot becomes bent over so that it slides on the side of the skate. It can be easier to imagine it as a Royale, but going in the opposite direcion with the feet in the same position. The German word 'Fahrvergnügen' means, 'driving enjoyment'.

Cab Driver

The Cab Driver, or Rodeo, is a cross between the Royale and the Fahrvergnügen, both feet are bent inwards so that the two skates are both sliding on their backslide plates (grind plates that protect the outer edge of the skate).


The UFO is very much like a standard frontside or backside grind, the only difference is that the knees are bent towards each other much more, making the stance lower and the feet further apart.

easiet way to royale- kind of like a powerslide- do not bend your body to the side- use your ankles only- it is easier to do it the way you normally soul grind- while doing it turn your body to land fakie out of it. it makes the landing easier- keep your knees bent and stay loose but keep a straight back- keep your weight centered

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* [ photo of a skater doing a Backside Royale on a handrail]
* [ photo of a skater doing a Backside Fahrvergnügen on a handrail]

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