Risk based inspection

Risk based inspection

Risk based Inspection (or RBI) is a risk-based approach to inspection in the Oil and Gas industries. This type of inspection analyzes the likelihood of failure and the consequences of the same, often in industrial pipework. It is also called Risk Based Asset Management (RBAM), Risk Based Integrity Management (RBIM) or simply Risk Based Management (RBM).

It is used to prioritise inspection, usually by the means of non-destructive testing, requirements for major oil refineries and chemical installations around the world.

Items with high probability and high consequence are given a higher priority for inspection than items that are high probability but for which failure has low consequences. This strategy allows for a rational investment of inspection resources.

Following an explosion in April 2001, the ConocoPhillips-owned Humber Refinery in the United Kingdom was found guilty of failing to appropriately monitor the deterioration of its pipework. An RBI programme has since been employed by the company. [ [http://www.hse.gov.uk/press/2005/e05089.htm ConocoPhillips Ltd fined] -Health & Safety Executive website] Risk Based Inspection is an inspection tool rated under Risk and Reliability management(RRM)

RBI objectives

RBI will assist a company to select cost effective and appropriate maintenance and inspection tasks and techniques, to optimize such efforts and cost, to shift from a reactive to a proactive maintenance regime, to produce an auditable system, to give an agreed “Operating window”, to promotes Team work and to create a Risk Management Tool.

RBI purposes

The purposes of RBI include:
# To move away from time based inspection governed by minimum compliance with rules, regulations and standards for inspection.
# To apply a strategy of doing what is needed for safeguarding integrity and improving reliability and availability of the unit by planning and executing those inspections that are needed.
# To provide economic benefits such as fewer inspections, shorter shutdowns, longer run length, and less frequent shutdowns.
# To safeguard integrity.


* API RP 580 & 581 are the reference documents.

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