Liu Qi (Three Kingdoms)

Liu Qi (Three Kingdoms)


Liú Qí (? - 209) was the first son of Liu Biao and a general in the Three Kingdoms period of China. When Liu Bei sought refuge with his father, he sought the help of Zhuge Liang, Liu Bei's chief advisor, as it is said that his step mother wished him dead and he moved to Jiang Xia. However, this was not exactly the case: in the novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Liu Cong (Three Kingdoms) is described as the son of Liu Biao's second Wife from Cai clan, one of the largest, most powerful and influential local clans, which helped him to take the throne after Liu Biao's death. In reality, however, Liu Cong and his elder brother Liu Qi (Three Kingdoms) were both the sons of Liu Biao's late-first wife. The reason Liu Cong was favored by his stepmother and the Cai clan was because Liu Cong's wife was the niece of his stepmother and the Cai clan was naturally inclined to support Liu Cong due to the strengthened relationship.

When Liu Bei was fleeing from Cao Cao and his force was completely wiped out by Cao Cao, Liu Qi quickly sent aid and provided refuge for him.

Personal information

* Father
** Liu Biao
* Brother
** Liu Cong

ee also

*Three Kingdoms
*Personages of the Three Kingdoms
*"Records of Three Kingdoms"
*"Romance of the Three Kingdoms"


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