1842 in poetry

1842 in poetry

in?=in poetry
in2?=in literature
cp=18th century
c=19th century
cf=20th century



Works published

* Robert Browning's "Dramatic Lyrics", including "My Last Duchess" and "The Pied Piper of Hamelin"
* Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's "Poems on Slavery"
* Thomas Babington Macaulay's "Lays of Ancient Rome", including "Horatius"
* Alfred Tennyson's "Poems", including "Locksley Hall," "Morte d'Arthur," and "Ulysses"
* William Wordsworth's "Poems Chiefly of Early and Late Years"


* February 3 — Sidney Lanier, American poet
* February 4 — Arrigo Boito (died 1918), (Italian)
* February 25 — Karl May (died 1912), German poet
* March 18 — Stéphane Mallarmé, French
* June 24 — Ambrose Bierce, American poet and writer
* October 1 — Charles Cros, French poet
* date not known:
** Henry Abbey (died 1911), American poet, best known for his poem "What Do We Plant When We Plant A Tree?"
** William John Courthorpe
** John Arthur Phillips (poet) (Canada)
** Henry Duff Traill (died 1900, British poet, author and journalist


* June 12 - Thomas Arnold (UK)
* July 28 - Clemens Brentano (German)
* December 9 - Samuel Woodworth (US)

Date unknown:
* Macdonald Clarke

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