Oliver's Twist

Oliver's Twist
This is for the television cooking show Oliver's Twist. For the similarly named novel by Charles Dickens, see Oliver Twist.
Oliver's Twist
Format Cooking
Created by Fresh One Productions
Starring Jamie Oliver (host)
Country of origin UK
No. of episodes 52
Running time 30 minutes
Original run 2002 – present

Oliver's Twist is a television series featuring chef Jamie Oliver, the name of the programme is a pun on the title of Charles Dickens' novel Oliver Twist. Following the popularity of his first TV series, The Naked Chef, he began producing Oliver's Twist to be aired outside the UK.[1] The show became a success, being aired in over 70 countries and helping to establish Oliver's global popularity.


The show was produced by Oliver's own production company, Fresh One Productions, and there are 52 episodes in total. The Series Producer was Simon Willis and the show was filmed in London. All music for the show was composed by Leigh Haggerwood. The theme song was performed by Scarlet Division, the band for which Oliver has been drummer since 1989.


The show typically opens with an introduction which tells the story behind the episode: usually why and for whom Jamie will be cooking. After the intro sequence, Jamie is usually seen riding about London on his trademark scooter, gathering food for the meal he will be preparing. This part of the show set to a different song in each episode. After arriving back at his flat, the rest of the episode is dedicated to his preparation of the meal, sometimes accompanied by the guests he is cooking for. The end of the show is, naturally, everybody eating the meal, although on occasion it includes a music performance if he is cooking for a band.

Unlike in The Naked Chef where he frequently speaks to a person off-camera and acts as though he were not being filmed, Oliver presents the show directly to the camera, or speaks with guests he has with him.