Engagement (disambiguation)

Engagement (disambiguation)

Engagement may refer to the following:
* A pre-marriage engagement between two people
* An appointment, a scheduled event requiring one's attendance
* A military engagement is the use of a munition, weapon or decoy to carry out an offensive or defensive action.
* A business engagement (a type of agreement)
* A marketing and advertising term, engagement refers to a meaningful interaction between a consumer and a brand
* An engagement letter between a client and an accounting firm
* Engaged, a farce by W. S. Gilbert
* Engaged, a baby's head moves down into the pelvic cavity
* "Engagement" is a South African independent film
* "The Engagement", a secret treaty made in 1647 between the imprisoned King Charles I of England and a faction of the Scottish Covenanters
* The term "limited engagement" is used in the entertainment industry to mean "limited showing"

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