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Itō (伊藤) is the sixth most common Japanese family name. Other Japanese surnames exist (e.g. 伊東 "Itō") which are phonetically the same. Surnames with this sound can also be romanized as Ito, Itou or Itoh.

In mathematics, Itō may refer to Itō's lemma used in stochastic calculus, or it may refer to the Itoh-Tsujii inversion algorithm in field theory.


* Atsushi Ito (actor)
* Ayumi Ito (actress)
* Chiaki Ito (singer)
* Hiroshi Itō (seiyū)
* Ito Hirobumi (first Prime Minister of Japan)
* Iccho Itoh (mayor of Nagasaki, assassinated in April 2007)
* Ichiro Ito (guitarist)
* Jerry Ito (Japanese-American actor)
* Joi Ito (entrepreneur, activist)
* Junji Ito (manga author)
* Kanzi Ito a.k.a Ludovikito (Esperanto editor)
* Kazuyoshi Itō (astronomer)
* Kenichi Ito (musician)
* Kenji Ito (composer)
* Kentaro Ito (seiyū)
* Kiyoshi Itō (mathematician)
* Lance Ito (American judge)
* Masao Ito, (neurobiologist)
* Masayoshi Itō (former Prime Minister of Japan)
* Midori Itō (figure skater)
* Mika Itō a.k.a. Mika Doi (voice actor)
* Miki Itō (voice actor)
* Misaki Ito (actress)
* Mâncio Ito (first Japanese emissary to Europe)
* Noriko Ito (author)
* Noriko Ito, now known as Noriko Nagai (stage name Noriko Hidaka)
* Noe Itō (author and feminist)
* Noizi Ito (manga artist)
* Ogura Yonesuke Itoh (artist)
* Risa Itō (manga author)
* Robert Ito (Canadian actor)
* Sachio Itō (author)
* Sei Ito (novelist, poet, and literary critic)
* Sei Itoh (manga artist)
* Seiichi Ito (World War II admiral)
* Shinichi Itoh (Grand Prix motorcycle rider & Japanese Superbike Champion)
* Ito Shinsui (painter)
* Shizuka Ito (voice actor)
* Shunya Ito (film director)
* Takeo Ito (World War II general)
* Takaaki Itō (author)
* Takaaki Itoh (musician)
* Yuna Itō (singer)
* Masumi Itō (musician)

Fictional characters

* Ito (伊藤 "Itō") from "Hikaru no Go"
* Keita Itou of "Gakuen Heaven"

Places named Ito

* Itō City in Shizuoka Prefecture (written 伊東)

ee also

* Ito


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