1758 in music

1758 in music


* The first manual on the guitar is published in the English language
* William Boyce becomes organist of the Chapel Royal

Popular music

* "None listed"


*Florian Leopold Gassmann - "Issipile"
*Christoph Willibald Gluck - "L'île de Merlin"

Classical music

* "None listed"


*February 7 - Benedikt Schack, operatic tenor and composer (d. 1826)
*August 25 - Franz Teyber, composer
*September 25 - Maria Anna Thekla Mozart, cousin and correspondent of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (d. 1841)
*October 7 - Paul Anton Wineberger, composer
*December 11 - Carl Friedrich Zelter, composer (died 1832)
*December 31 - Sophie Hagman, ballerina (d. 1826)


*March 22 - Richard Leveridge, opera singer (born 1670)
*April 24 - Florian Wrastill, composer
*April 30 - François d'Agincourt, organist, harpsichordist and composer (born 1684)
*November 20 - Johan Helmich Roman, composer (born 1694)
*December 5 - Johann Friedrich Fasch, composer (born 1688)
*"probable" - Sanctus Seraphin, violin-maker (born 1699)

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