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gender = Female
meaning = "Girl"
region = canada and the united states.
origin = Latin
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Jill is a female given name, of Latin origin, meaning "sweetheart" or "youthful". Used as a short form of the female given name Gillian, now it is often used as an independent name. Jill may refer to:

In people:
* Jill Wagner, American actress
* Jill St. John, an American actress
* Jill Dando, a British television presenter, murdered in April 1999.
* Jill Johnson, a Swedish country and schlager singer.
* Jill Vidal, a pop singer from Hong Kong
* Jill Carroll, an American journalist held in Iraq

In fictional characters:
* Jill, a character in the nursey rhyme "Jack and Jill"
* Jill Johnson, a character from "When a Stranger Calls"
* Jill Valentine, a "Resident Evil" character
* Jill, the main character from the video game "Drill Dozer".
* Jill, the main character of Cake Mania
* Jill Marin, the rookie agent in The Sentinel (2006 film)
* Jill Pole, a main character in C.S. Lewis'

In other:
* Jill (cat), a cat on "Blue Peter".
* Nakajima B6N, Japanese torpedo bomber of World War II
* "Jill of the Jungle", a computer game
* A generic representative of the female sex, as in jillstrap (also shortened simply to "jill")
* "Jill", a novel by Philip Larkin
* A female ferret
* The Buffalo Jills, the Bills cheerleading squad
* Jill, one of a pair of windmills at Clayton, Sussex.

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