Rinky Dink

Rinky Dink

Rinky Dink is a mobile musical sound system that operates on power provided by two bicycles and solar panels. It tours the world as part of many musical festivals and parties and is a prime example of how green electricity can be generated and used to power things. As well as being powered by bicycle, the system itself is moved around using specially converted bicycles. It has been featured on BBC Newsnight and Panorama programs.

The Rinky Dink was also responsible for powering the first bicycle-powered digital recording in history - "Live & Pedal-Powered" (1995) by Baka Beyond.

External links

* [http://www.baka.co.uk/rinky/ Rinky Dink official site]
* [http://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/blogs/index.asp?id=266 Rinky Dink on Glastonbury Festival website]
* [http://www.bakabeyond.net/album_pedal_powered.html Live and Pedal-Powered]

Other similar projects

* [http://cyclecinema.wordpress.com/ Cycle-powered cinema]
* [http://www.pedalpa.org.uk Similar, but static bicyle powered sound system - as seen on Blue Peter]
* [http://www.c-realevents.demon.co.uk/ Renewable energy-powered sound systems]

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