Communications in Cambodia

Communications in Cambodia

Communications in Cambodia, specifically the postal, telegraph and telegram services under the Ministry of Communications, Transport and Posts were restored throughout most of the country in the early 1980s during the People's Republic of Kampuchea regime after being disrupted under the Khmer Rouge.

In January 1987, the Soviet-aided Intersputnik space communications station began operation in Phnom Penh and established two-way telecommunication links between the Cambodian capital and the cities of Moscow, Hanoi, Vientiane and Paris. The completion of the earth satellite station (built on the grounds of Phnom Penh's old Roman Catholic cathedral) restored the telephone and telex links among Phnom Penh, Hanoi, and other countries for the first time since 1975.

Although telecommunications services were initially limited to the government, these advances in communications helped break down the country's isolation, both internally and internationally.

Today, with the availability of mobile phones, communications are open to all, though the country's Prime Minister Hun Sen decreed that 3G mobile phones would be not be allowed to support video calling and did not ban them completely as previously reported on this page.


Landline service in Phnom Penh and other provincial cities is available; mobile phone coverage is rapidly expanding in rural areas.

International calling access is adequate but expensive. Landline and mobile service is available to all countries from Phnom Penh and major provincial cities.

*Main lines in use: 32,800 (2006)
*Mobile cellular: 2,500,000(2008)
*Satellite earth station - 1 Intersputnik (Indian Ocean region)
*International access code: 855

Mobile networks

*Cambodia Shinawatra Co. Ltd. (Camshin, 011, 099) []
*Telekom Malaysia International (Cambodia) Co., Ltd - TMIC (Hello GSM, 016, 015) []
*Cam GSM (MobiTel, 012, 092, 017, 089) []
*Star-Cell (098) []
*Cambodia Advance Communication Co.Ltd (Cadcomms (013, 083, 084) []
*GT-Tell (Cambodia) Investment Company Ltd. - (Excell, 018) []


Broadcast stations

Phnom Penh

*Apsara Radio FM 97 MHz []
*National Radio Kampuchea (RNK)
*Phnom Penh Radio FM 103 MHz []
*Radio Beehive FM 105 MHz []
*Radio FM 90.5 MHz
*Radio FM 99 MHz
*Voice of America Khmer []
*Radio Free Asia []
*Radio Khmer FM 107 MHz
*Radio Love FM 97.5 MHz []
*Royal Cambodia Armed Forces Radio FM 98 MHz
*Women's Media Centre (WMC) Radio FM 102 MHz

Provincial, municipal stations

There is a radio station in each of the follow provinces or municipalities: Banteay Meanchey, Battambang Province, Kampot Province, Kandal Province (Bayon Radio FM 95 MHz), Kampong Cham Province, Kampong Thom Province, Pailin, Preah Vihear Province, Siem Reap, Sihanoukville and Svay Rieng Province


Broadcast stations


* 11 (including two TV relay stations with French and Vietnamese broadcasts); 12 regional low power TV stations (2006)

Phnom Penh broadcast and cable television stations

*Apsara Television (TV11)
*Cambodia Cable Television (CCTV)
*Cambodian Television Network (CTN)
*National Television of Cambodia (TVK)
*Phnom Penh Municipal Cable Television (PPCTV) []
*Phnom Penh Television (TV3)
*Royal Cambodia Armed Forces Television (TV5)
*DTV STAR Co. Ltd. []

Provincial television stations

*Kandal Province - Broadcasting on channel 27, Bayon Television is Cambodia's only UHF channel. A private television company belonging to Prime Minister Hun Sen, it also operates Bayon Radio FM 95 MHz. It was established in January 1998.
*Mondulkiri - Established in 1999, relays TVK on channel 10.
*Preah Vihear - Established in 2006, broadcasts on channel 7.
*Ratanakiri - Established in 1993, relays TVK on channel 7.
*Siem Reap - Established in 2002, relays TV3 on channel 12.


Internet service providers

*Camintel []
*Camnet []
* []
*Citylink []
*Everyday []
*Online []
*TeleSURF []
*AngkorNet []
*PPCTV Broadband Internet Service []
*iS1 Internet Service []
*DTV STAR Co. Ltd. []

Internet hosts

*1,315 (2005)

Internet users

*41,000 (2005)

Country code

* Top-level domain: KH

ee also

*Cinema of Cambodia
*Current events in Southeast Asia
*Media of Cambodia


* [ "3G phones banned in anti-porn drive"] , Reuters, May 26, 2006.

External links

* [ Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications]
* [ Cambodia Cultural Profile (Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts/Visiting Arts)]

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