Black Cat 13

Black Cat 13

Black Cat #13 was a band from Ontario, Canada. Their style of music was a blend of electro, hardcore, and rock music. The band were around from 1998 to 2000, and played a total of 47 shows. The band is mostly remembered because it included Jesse F. Keeler, a member of the successful dance rock group Death from Above 1979.

The band's breakup

On the band's site, [] , the band had a long break between posts from June 1, 2000 to October 25, 2000. In the post for the latter date, the band says "TO ALL THE KIDS ASKING IF WE HAVE BROKEN UP, HMM.... XOX BC#13".

The next post stated that they had broken up for sure, and that they would still be finishing a split with The Vivian Girls. The post also stated that band members Jesse and Robin had been finishing up the first EP from their new project, Femme Fatale.

After two years without updates from the site, in February 2002, the site was updated with links to the websites of all the former band member's new projects. These projects were Femme Fatale, and The Sick Lipstick, started by Lindsay Gillard and Mark McLean (singer and keyboardist, respectively). The site has not been updated since.

Upon disbanding of The Sick Lipstick, Lindsay went on to join "Fox the Boombox," while Mark joined "Nervous Sleepers"


*March 14, 1999 - Three Song Demo
*May 1, 1999 - Self-titled (7")
*May 2000 - Split 7" with International Strike Force
*May 2000 - I Blast Off! (7")
*September 15, 2000 - The Experiment Volume One (12")
*November 2000 - The Experiment Volume Two (7")

They have also appeared on a compilation called the "Fear of the Nothing", released by [http://www.nothingenterprises Nothing Enterprises] . It was released in August 2000, and featured the song "The Girl With the Wire Skull (Hi-Hat Remix)".

ee also

*Death from Above 1979
*Femme Fatale
*The Sick Lipstick
*Fox the Boombox

External links

* [ The official website] - Hasn't been updated since 2002.
* [ Three One G] - The band's former label.
* [] - The band's myspace page.
* [] - Official site for off-shoot band The Sick Lipstick, Black Cat #13 offshoot
* [] - Unofficial myspace page for The Sick Lipstick
* [] - Myspace page for Fox the Boombox, The Sick Lipstick offshoot
* [] - Myspace page for Nervous Sleepers, Includes bassist from black cat #13 and guitarist from The Sick Lipstick

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