Action Pack (Universal Television)

Action Pack (Universal Television)

"Action Pack" is series of television movies and television series created by Universal Television that aired in syndication from 1994 until 2001. The "Action Pack" included two hours of various television series distributed by Renaissance Pictures and MCA/Universal.

eries history

Beginning in 1994, the "Action Pack" initially ran a series of television movies that lead to the run of several television shows the following year. From January-June 1995, the series included ' and "Vanishing Son". From September 1995 through January 2000, it included the "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys" and its spinoff, '. After "Hercules" ended its run in January 2000, the "Universal Action Pack" launched the "Back2Back Action Hour" and picked up two thirty minute series: "Jack of All Trades" and "Cleopatra 2525" to air alongside "Xena". The lineup lasted until January 2001. For the final six months of the package, "Jack of All Trades" was dropped and "Cleopatra 2525" was increased to an hour long show.

After "Xena" completed airing its final season's reruns in the summer of 2001, "Cleopatra 2525" also stopped production and the "Action Pack" series was discontinued.

Television movies

The television movies aired during the "Action Pack's" first year included:

*"Hercules and the Amazon Women"
*"Hercules and the Lost Kingdom"
*"Hercules and the Circle of Fire"
*"Hercules in the Underworld"
*"Hercules in the Maze of the Minotaur"

TekWar (Based on the books by William Shatner):

Midnight Run films (Sequels to the 1988 Robert De Niro film):
*"Another Midnight Run"
*"Midnight Runaround"
*"Midnight Run for Your Life"

Bandit films (Based on the Smokey and the Bandit films):
*"Bandit: Bandit's Silver Angel"
*"Bandit Goes Country"
*"Bandit Bandit"
*"Beauty and the Bandit"

Vanishing Son films:
*"Vanishing Son"
*"Vanishing Son II"
*"Vanishing Son III"
*"Vanishing Son IV"

"Knight Rider" film:
*"Knight Rider 2010"

Theme song

The theme song is used in the "Action Pack" opening sequence, sponsorships, as well as the full version of the theme used in promos for the TV movies. The theme was composed by Velton Ray Bunch.

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