1919 in poetry

1919 in poetry

in?=in poetry
in2?=in literature
cp=19th century
c=20th century
cf=21st century



* Two paintings by E. E. Cummings appear in a show of the New York Society of Independent Artists.
*Vladimir Nabokov, novelist and poet, leaves Russia with his family.
* The Egoist, a London literary magazine founded by Dora Marsden which published early modernist works, including those of James Joyce, goes defunct
* October — William Butler Yeats travels to the United States and begins a lecture tour lasting until May, 1920. [Mac Liammoir, Michael, and Eavan Boland, "W. B. Yeats", Thames and Hudson (part of the "Thames and Hudson Literary Lives" series), London, 1971, "Chronology" chapter, p. 132]

Works published

* Edwin James Brady, "The House of the Winds"
* Hilda Doolittle (H.D.), "Notes on Thought and Vision" written, published posthumously in 1982
* T. S. Eliot, "Ara Vos Prec", including "Gerontion" and the poems later published in "Poems – 1920"; his "Tradition and the Individual Talent" appears in "The Egoist"
* Kurt Pinthus, editor, "Menscheitsdämerung" ("“The Twilight of Mankind”)"), anthology of Expressionist poetry, published in Berlin, (German)Preminger, Alex and T.V.F. Brogan, et al., editors, "The Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics", 1993, Princeton University Press and MJF Books, "German Poetry" article, "Anthologies in German" section, pp 473-474] [Weisstein, Ulrich, [http://etext.virginia.edu/cgi-local/DHI/dhi.cgi?id=dv2-24 "Expressionism in Literature"] , article in the online "Dictionary of the History of Ideas", accessed April 25, 2008]
* Ezra Pound, "Quia Pauper Amavi" [Ackroyd, Peter, "Ezra Pound", Thames and Hudson Ltd., London, 1980, "Bibliography" chapter, p 121]
* Charles Reznikoff, "Rhythms II", including "The Idiot"
* William Butler Yeats, "The Wild Swans at Coole" [Mac Liammoir, Michael, and Eavan Boland, "W. B. Yeats", Thames and Hudson (part of the "Thames and Hudson Literary Lives" series), London, 1971, "Chronology" chapter, p. 132]

Awards and honors

* Pulitzer Prize for Poetry: Margaret Widdemer, "Old Road to Paradise" and Carl Sandburg, "Corn Huskers"


* January 7 - Robert Duncan (died 1988), American poet associated with the Black Mountain poets and the beat generation, and a key player in the San Francisco Renaissance.
* January 9 — William Meredith, American poet
* March 24 - Lawrence Ferlinghetti, American beat poet
* May 28 — May Swenson, (died 1989, American poet and playwright
* July 19 — Miltos Sachtouris, Greek
* September 7 — Louise Bennett-Coverley, aka "Miss Lou" (died 2006), Jamaican folklorist, writer, and poet
* September 26 — Matilde Camus, Spanish poet, and researcher.
* date not known:
** Ruth Dallas (New Zealand)
** Madeline DeFrees
** Jiri Orten (Czechoslovakia)
** Juan Rodolfo Wilcock, (died 1978), Argentine author and poet


* Benjamin Paul Blood
* Wilfred Campbell
* Sarah Morgan Piatt
* Ella Wheeler Wilcox


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