List of South African television series

List of South African television series

The following is a partial list of South African television series.


Agter Elke Man



(1976) - imported French historical drama




Ballade vir 'n Enkeling

(1986)Coming of age story about a fiction writer, Jacques Rynhardt

Ben Brandt


Die Bosveldwinkel


Die Meisie Van Avignon

(1976) imported, dubbed from French

Die Tierbrigade


Die Waaghals

(1978) - imported, dubbed from English


— multi lingual soap opera (M-Net)

Four Jacks And A Jill On The Move



— multi lingual soap operaIt is a multi lingual soap opera that embraces that true diverity of South African heritage.It basically emphasizes on the days of our lives,things we experience in our daily lives.Touching issues such as marriage,music,child-care,youth experiences,business etc.Which are the necessary things/issues to really look upon in television industry.

Het van Verlangekraal



— multi lingual soap opera (SABC3)


(1983)Comedy drama set in a small Afrikaans town with a very close-knit community. The style of narration was unique in that it made the viewer feel as if they were part of the community.

Madam & Eve

— English-language satirical sitcom


(1983) — Soap-opera / musical comedy featuring the mbaqanga team Makgona Tsohle Band

Net 'n Bietjie Liefde

(1977) - local sitcom

Nommer Asseblief

(1979)Small town comedy. The title refers to a telephone operator asking "Number Please". The operator being in the unique position to listen in on all the town's gossip.

Orkney Snork Nie

(Afrikaans for "Orkney doesn't snore" [implies that Orkney is not boring] ) — Afrikaans sitcom

Ouma Kom Help



Soap opera currently airing on etv, weeknights at 7.30pm.

Sewende Laan

("7th Avenue") — multi lingual soap opera (SABC2)

'Sgudi 'Snaysi

=Shaka Zulu=

Historical drama about the life of the legendary Zulu king, Shaka



Suburban Bliss

— multi-lingual sitcom

The Dingleys

— South Africa's first sitcom

The Dingleys


The Flipside


(1984)Drama about the life of the crew on the Trans-Karoo train

Van Der Valk

(1979) - imported detective series, dubbed into Afrikaans


— Afrikaans sitcom


(1984)Prison drama



Yizo Yizo

News and Actuality

3rd Degree

— investigative journalism (e-tv)


— multi lingual environmental news and documentaries [ (TV3, later SABC2)

Carte Blanche

— investigative journalism [ (M-Net] )



Die Boere Orkes Kompetisie

(1980)A music competition where bands from across the country would compete against each other. The music played was a unique country style called Boere Musiek.

Die Brandkluis



(1977 - present) Airs occasionally

Good Morning South Africa

(1985) — Morning News and actuality (TV1, later SABC3)

Kamera 1


Kamera 2





(1977)News and events show


— Afrikaans magazine programme

Pop Shop

(1976)Popular music and videos also featuring music chart countdowns.



=Special Assignment=

— investigative journalism [ (SABC3)

Special Assignment is a investigative journalism programme that ensures that issues of rape,corruption,abuse,basically problems that are faced by the country(South Africa).Special Assignment addresses these above issues in order to reach out to people including the government about how to solve them.Giving out strategy on how to go about solving them.This show makes people to be aware of problems/issues around them that affects their lives.



Sport '76






Studio 53



Top Billing

— English magazine programmeTop Billing is the first English magazine show programme that influence people to have the sense and close contact with natural things around the world.

Uit En Tuis

(1977)Magazine programme

Video 2


=Walk the Plank=

(2005) — Game Show


Biltong And Potroast

(1978)Question and answer style game show between South Africans (Biltong) and UK expatriates (Potroast)

The Knicky Knacky Knoo Show

(1976) - local comedy

Children's & Youth



Bangalory Time



(see "Dogtanian") imported(1978)



Die Kraaines


Harry's House


Zap Mag

(80s and 90s)

Die Swart Kat

(Late 80's) — Kids crime buster series.


Science Fiction show in the style of the British Thunderbirds series.

Haas Das se Nuuskas

("Haas Das's news box") (Haas Das refers to the main character, a stuffed rabbit with a tie as his only clothing) — Afrikaans children's programme (TV1)

Klein Kronieke


Liewe Heksie

— Afrikaans children's programme

Liewe Heksie

(1981)Afrikaans children's fantasy series featuring a witch with good intentions.

Miena Moo

— Multilingual children's programme about a cow and her friends

Oskar in Asblikfontein

— Afrikaans children's puppetry (TV1)

Pumpkin Patch

— English children's variety show

Takalani Sesame

— multi lingual children's programme, based on (and produced in co-operation with) the United States series Sesame StreetTakalani Sesame is a very good programme especially for children's,it stimulates education development within children in South Africa however this will result to a nation with pride in terms of education leading towards improvement of economic growth because the education attained by children.

Oscar en Knersis


Trompie En Die Boksembende

(1980)Boy's adventure series featuring Trompie and his gang.

Wielie Walie

(1976) — Afrikaans children's variety programme

Thabang Thabong

(2003) — Children's variety programme [ Thabang Thabong]



Children's series about an alien visiting earth

hows Based on International Versions

Big Brother South Africa

Appears occasionally. The next season is scheduled for mid-2008 after alternating with Big Brother Africa. Big Brother airs on MNET and all day via CCTV on DSTV.

Fear Factor (South Africa)


urvivor (South Africa)

Temptation (South Africa)

- Aired Season 1 in late 2007 and is expected to return in late 2008 on MNET

The Weakest Link

- Airs yearly on SABC3 although nothing has been announced for 2008

Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

- Hasn't aired since 2003. Host Jeremy Maggs currently heading up the News Night broadcast on the eNews Channel as of 1 June 2008

Deal or No Deal

Not Known If Imported or Local

Balke Toe


Die Beertjies


Die Beskermers


Die Geheim Van Morsan


Drie Plus Een


The Iron Horse


Kavalier Storm




Ridders Van Die Wapad


Sebastian Senior


Sebastian Seun Van Jonquieres

(1976) imported

The Money Game




Woman Today


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