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developer = Carlos Zottman, Hendrik Mans
latest_release_version = 0.1.2
latest_release_date = release date|2003|02|16
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operating_system = Cross-platform
genre = Wiki
license = BSD
website = No more actively maintained

WakkaWiki (often shortened as Wakka) is a very small wiki engine written in PHP, that is easy to install, hack and maintain. It was originally developed by Hendrik Mans (creator of the PlanetCrap discussion community) with help from Carlo Zottmann.

As of September 29, 2004, its website was down and the project stopped, although a large community of contributors was still actively posting bugfixes, extensions and new functionality. Lacking further maintenance, Wakka ceased being attractive to new users and saw most of its contributors migrate to one of its many forks.

The focus of WakkaWiki was on simple and extensible code. Thanks to the simplicity of its design it spawned several forks, such as WackoWiki and WikkaWiki, sharing the same ancestry but pursuing their own vision. Most of these forks include scripts to upgrade from previous WakkaWiki installations.

Notable forks

WakkaWiki spawned at least five forks:
* CitiWiki
* UniWakka
* WackoWiki
* WikiNi
* WikkaWiki

See also

* Wiki

External links

* [http://docs.wikkawiki.org/WakkaWiki WakkaWiki] - Wakka history and its original code resurrected
* [http://wiki.cs.cityu.edu.hk/citiwiki CitiWiki]
* [http://coo.hsfz.net/wiki/HomePage CooCooWakka]
* [http://wackowiki.com/WackoWiki WackoWiki]
* [http://www.wikini.net/ WikiNi]
* [http://wikkawiki.org WikkaWiki]
* [http://uniwakka.sourceforge.net/ UniWakka]

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