Stick Figure Death Theatre

Stick Figure Death Theatre

Stick Figure Death Theatre is an animation showcase website, created by owner Matt Calvert in 1996. As the name suggests, this site is home to stick figure movies of characters (usually) meeting their doom. Movies were originally rejected if they had stick figures and no death, but this has been widended to include anything with stick figures. Mr. Calvert has this to say of its origins:

“I was working for an ISP in California in the mid-90s and wanted to learn how to make animated GIFs. Thinking back to my time in high school and college, I used to doodle things in the margins of my notes during class. Some of the things I doodled were stick figures getting their head chopped off, being hit by a car, shot and so on. I decided to animate those.

I made three short, simple movies from my doodles and, since I didn’t want them to go to waste, I put them up on my personal website. Eventually, word spread around about the site and it grew in popularity. People then started sending me in their own movies, and the rest is history.”

SFDT has received notice in "Wired", "Maxim" and "Details" magazine. Initially, users could submit animated GIFs only, but this was eventually opened up to allow Flash animations as well. GIFs eventually fell by the wayside and Flash movies are now the primary submission file-type.

Website sections

The SFDT Showcase is the section of the site where users can submit their own stick figure movie creations. All entries must go through a review session before being accepted or rejected. The 'Under Review' section displays those movies that are waiting to be reviewed. In addition to the latest movies, there is also an All-Time Top 50 list and the latest Drawing Board submissions.

The Drawing Board is SFDT's section for test animations. Users can submit short animations they are working on. Most users will use this section to submit their entries for the Friday Funk.

The Sound Board is a section where people can upload and download sounds to use in their movies.

The Vault is SFDT's Support Center. Here, people can read and submit tutorials.

Friday Funk

In order to keep visiting animators on their toes, SFDT has a weekly contest called the [ Friday Funk] . Overseen by the enigmatic FUNKMAN, a new challenge is posted every Friday in which anyone may enter. These challenges are almost always animation-based, but sometimes a new spin will be put on them (such as drawing comic strips). Each Friday, the current contest is closed and a vote begins to select several to be displayed on the main page.


Stick Figure Death Theatre also houses a forum, like most websites. Here, members can show off their artistic work (drawings, Photoshop, music, etc.) as well as get help with Animation. There's also a section for shooting the breeze as well as site News. [ The Cage] is unique in that it is a place where anyone can air a beef they have or settle a dispute with another member. The forum has a loyal following of talented animators and welcomes newbies, encouraging them to improve their skills in animation and Flash. Several forum members have gone on to do degrees or begin a career in animation.


* - Home of webcomic "Cyanide and Happyness", Joe Zombie, and many other stick figure movies or pictures.

External links

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* [ SFDT Showcase]
* [ The Sound Board]
* [ Friday Funk]
* [ Forums]
* [ Stick Death Article] (about the art of "stick death")

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