Large-sized note

Large-sized note

A large-sized note is a bill of any denomination of U.S. currency printed between 1863 and 1929. This is in contrast with small-sized notes, which were printed starting in 1928. Large-sized notes exist in denominations of $1 through $10000. The most common large-sized notes are the Federal Reserve Notes of Series 1914 and 1918. These are detailed below, but are only a subset of all large-sized notes made by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP).

Denominations for Series 1914/1918

DenominationPortraitNicknameDesign on back
$5Abraham LincolnFinArrival of the Pilgrims
$10Andrew JacksonSawbuckFarming with horses (left), American Industry (right)
$20Grover ClevelandDouble sawbuckSteam locomotive, Steamship
$50Ulysses S GrantHalf C-notePanama (center) and 2 Steam Ships
$100Benjamin FranklinC-noteFarmer with Wheat (left), The Roman god Mercury with package (right), Three women with cornucopia (center)
$500John MarshallAmerican Revolutionary War
$1000Alexander HamiltonBald Eagle
$5000James MadisonGeorge Washington receiving his Commission
$10,000Salmon P. ChaseEmbarkation of the Pilgrims

According to the BEP, the small-sized notes measure 2.61 by 6.14 by 0.0043 inches. Large-sized notes were 3.125 by 7.4218 inches.


A large-sized note can also refer to a large-denomination banknote in various currencies.

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