Rab (disambiguation)

Rab (disambiguation)

Rab can refer to:
*Rab, an island in Croatia
** Rab (town), a town on the island of Rab
** Rab concentration camp, Italian camp on the island during WWII
* Rab (G-protein), a cellular protein in the Ras superfamily
* Rab Butler (1902-1982), aka Richard Austen Butler, British Conservative politician
* Ras superfamily, biological proteins
* Rab, a name for the the Talmudic rabbi Abba Arika (175-247)
* Rab, a Scottish version of the name Robert
** Robert Douglas (footballer) (b. 1972), a professional goalkeeper in Scotland
* Registrar Accreditation Board - Which is now the RABQSA International

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* RAB, disambiguation page

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