Granicus (band)

Granicus (band)

Granicus was a short-lived band from the early 1970s who played a style of hard rock similar to Led Zeppelin.

Granicus hailed from Cleveland, Ohio, and were signed to RCA in 1973. They released a single, self-titled album before calling it quits. There are rumors that the band recorded a second album that was never released.

The line-up of the band was:

*Woody Leffel - vocals, guitars
*Wayne Anderson - lead guitar
*Al Pinelli - rhythm guitar
*Dale Bedford - bass
*Joe Battaglia - drums


1 - You're In America
2 - Bad Talk
3 - Twilight
4 - Prayer
5 - Cleveland Ohio
6 - Nightmare
7 - When You're Movin
8 - Paradise

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