EAD is an abbreviation for German "Ethernet-Anschlussdose". The EAD standard defines wall mounted ethernet connection outlets that enjoy a higher reliability than standard T-connectors.

EAD outlets have been developed from TAE connectors for telephony applications but they are intended for connecting coaxial network cables like 10BASE2. A different mechanical encoding (Type "E") prevents mix-up with phone plugs.

EAD cables are duplex connections replacing two thin-wire cables. The contacts of an EAD outlet are closed if no connector is plugged in. When a cable is plugged in, the normally closed contacts in the socket are opened so that signals pass through the loop cable.


* [http://www.itwissen.info/index.php?aoid=7016&id=31 Description of the EAD system at itwissen.info (in German)]

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