Gamma (disambiguation)

Gamma (disambiguation)

Gamma is the third letter of the Greek alphabet.

Gamma may also refer to:

cience and mathematics


* Gamma wave, a type of brain wave
* Latin gamma, used as an IPA symbol for voiced velar fricative, and in the alphabets of African languages
* Tropical Storm Gamma (2005), an Atlantic tropical storm

Lower case, γ

* Gamma correction, a property of images and video displays
* Gamma ray, also gamma radiation, an electromagnetic ray
* Adiabatic index or heat capacity ratio, the ratio of the heat capacity at constant pressure to that at constant volume
* gamma-Hydroxybutyric acid, a narcotic (GHB)
* Lindane or gamma-hexachlorocyclohexane, an insecticide
* Bayer designation, the third brightest star
* Euler–Mascheroni constant, a mathematical constant
* Photon, seen as an elementary particle in physics
* Lorentz factor in relativity theory and astronomy
* Propagation constant of an electromagnetic wave
* Voiced velar fricative in phonetics
* Body effect on threshold voltage in field-effect transistor technology

Upper case, Γ

* Gamma distribution, a probability distribution function
* Gamma function, a mathematical function
* Christoffel symbols in general relativity
* Circulation (fluid dynamics)
* Reflection coefficient in electrical engineering
* The rate of change of the delta in the Greeks (finance)
* Center of the Brillouin zone
* Feferman–Schütte ordinal Γ0


* Gamma software, a stage in the software release life cycle
* Gamma correction, in video, graphics, color spaces, and photographic imaging
* Elias gamma coding, in computer science, encoding, compression
* GM Gamma platform, a subcompact automobile platform by General Motors
* Bristol Siddeley Gamma, a family of British rocket engines
* "Design Patterns", a software engineering book by Erich Gamma et al.

Popular culture

* Gamma (band), a rock band
* E-102 Gamma, one of the E-Series (Sonic the Hedgehog) characters in the "Sonic the Hedgehog" series of video games

ee also

* Gama

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