Internationalism (US)

Internationalism (US)

Internationalism is a left communist political party in the United States. It is a section of the International Communist Current.

The Internationalism group was founded in New York in 1970, partly by former members of the News and Letters group of Raya Dunayevskaya. In 1972, Internationalism sent a proposal for international correspondence to twenty groups:

"(...) Together with the heightened activity of the working class there has been a dramatic growth in the number of revolutionary groups having an internationalist communist perspective. Unfortunately, contact and correspondence between these groups has largely been haphazard and episodic. Internationalism makes the following proposal with a view towards regularising and expanding contact and correspondence between groups having an internationalist communist perspective (...)"

This proposal met with a positive response from the Révolution Internationale group in France, and led to several meetings being held in 1973-74. In January 1975, the Internationalism group participated along with Révolution Internationale, World Revolution from Britain, Internacionalismo from Venezuela, Acción Proletaria from Spain and Rivoluzione Internazionale from Italy, in a conference which led to the foundation of the International Communist Current, of which Internationalism then became the US section.

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