List of AMC legacy midsize and large cars

List of AMC legacy midsize and large cars

The history and legacy of cars of American Motors heritage is a somewhat tangled web of various car nameplates and brands, but an interesting one spanning the Nash Ambassador to the Eagle Premier. The definition of a midsize or fullsize vary by era, with AMC often putting the same size car for both slots, and "large" automobiles of some eras being smaller than "midsize" cars of other eras during periods of downsizing and size inflation.

Each car is given with manufacturer brand, nameplate, years of production, comparable sized competition, and notes.

* Nash Ambassador 1932-1957, Chrysler Airflow
* Rambler Ambassador 1958-1965
* Hudson Hornet 1951-1954, AMC 1955-1957 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air. NASCAR legend
* AMC Ambassador 1966-1974, Ford Galaxy 500, Chevrolet Impala
* AMC Marlin Rambler 1965, 1965-67, 1966 Dodge Charger
* AMC Rebel 1967-1969, Ford Fairlane. Machine muscle car
* AMC Matador 1971-1978, Ford Torino, Monte Carlo. NACAR racer, Adam-12 patrol car, radical coupe
* AMC Concord 1978-1983. Ford Fairmont, Plymouth Fury. Former compact now competes with reclassified midsize. Concord / Eagle roughly plugs gap between Matador and Premier.
* AMC Eagle 1980-1988. Subaru wagon. The really first sport utility wagon.
* Eagle Premier 1988-1992. Dodge Dynasty, Acura Legend. Design and factory used for Chrysler LH sedans

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