North American Arms

North American Arms
North American Arms
Type Pocket Pistols
Industry Firearms
Fate Active
Predecessor None
Founded 1971
Headquarters Provo, Utah, United States
Products Pocket pistols
Owner(s) Sandy Chisholm
Website North American Arms

North American Arms is a United States company, headquartered in Provo, Utah, that manufactures small pistols and mini-revolvers.[1] The company was originally named Rocky Mountain Arms. It was not until a couple of years later that they changed the name to North American Arms.[2]

Mini revolvers

North American Arms model NAA22S mini-revolver, chambered in .22 Short.
North American Arms Black Widow model NAA-BW-M chambered for 22 magnum

The mini-revolvers produced by the company are single action revolvers, which have a spur trigger design and are very reminiscent of late 19th century pocket revolvers, the major difference being the size and the fact the mini-revolvers are made completely of stainless steel.[3]

Semi-automatics are made in the following calibers:

Mini-Revolvers are made in the following calibers:

The company briefly manufactured revolvers in .17HMR but no longer does.[4]

NAA mini revolver in .22 LR. It can fold into its own grip for safe belt clip carry.
This picture illustrates the NAA 22 magnum Black Widow revolver cylinder in the safety position. Note that slightly less than one-half of a cartridge is visible on each side of the hammer and other safety notches are in the 2 & 10 o'clock positions. The hammer must be partly cocked and released while holding the trigger in the firing position to position it in the safety notch. If the hammer is in the correct position the cylinder will not rotate. The hammer must not rest over a live round else the weapon can discharge if the hammer is struck. The 22 long rifle model is the same.


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