Ice Cold

Ice Cold

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Name = Ice Cold
Type = Album
Artist = Choclair

Released = November 2, 1999
Recorded = 1998–1999
Genre = Canadian hip hop
Length = 72:31
Label = Virgin/Priority
Producer = Kardinal Offishall, Solitair, Saukrates, K-Cut, X-Rated, Da Grassroots, Frankenstein, Day
Reviews = *Allmusic rating|4|5 [ link]
*RapReviews (8/10) [ link]

Last album = "What it Takes"
This album = "Ice Cold"
Next album = "Memoirs of Blake Savage"

"Ice Cold" is the third album by Canadian rapper Choclair. It was released in Canada on November 2, 1999, and in the United States on March 14, 2000.

The album is notable for being Choclair's first major label release. It's also the second Canadian hip hop album released on a major American label; Michie Mee's "Jamaican Funk: Canadian Style" was released by Atlantic in 1991. In Canada, the album went gold in 35 days, selling over 50,000 copies. The album's early success was driven by the first single, "Let's Ride", produced by Kardinal Offishall. In 2000, the second single, "Rubbin'", was released and features Saukrates.

Track listing

#"Intro" – 0:21
#"Ice Cold" – 4:37
#"Let's Ride" – 4:21
#"Rubbin'" (featuring Saukrates) – 3:43
#"Takin' It In" – 5:10
#"Bare Witness" (featuring Guru) – 3:53
#"Jambone" – 4:30
#"Fresh" – 4:50
#"Kardi's P.S.A." – 0:40
#"Rollin'" (featuring Jully Black) – 5:30
#"Young Gunz" (featuring Memphis Bleek) – 4:09
#"Runnin' Wid Us" – 3:40
#"Flagrant" – 3:49
#"Die Hard" (featuring Rascalz) – 4:54
#"S.O.T." (featuring Solitair and Kardinal Offishall) – 4:39
#"Da Chiznock" – 4:43
#"Fisrt Thing" (featuring Rahzel) – 4:27
#"Situation 9" – 4:35

*Note: The 1999 Canadian version does not include "Fisrt Thing". Instead, there is a radio version of "Rollin'".

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* [ Choclair Brings Canadian Hip-Hop On U.S. Tour]

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