Sugar Daddies

Sugar Daddies

Infobox Film
name = Sugar Daddies

caption = Theatrical poster for "Sugar Daddies"
director = Fred Guiol
Leo McCarey
producer = Hal Roach
writer = H.M. Walker (titles)
starring = Jimmy Finlayson
Stan Laurel
music =
cinematography = George Stevens
editing =
distributor = Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
released = September 10, 1927
runtime = 20 min.
country = USA
language = Silent film
English intertitles
budget =
preceded_by = "With Love and Hisses"
followed_by = "Sailors, Beware!"
imdb_id = 0018452
amg_id = 1:145464

"Sugar Daddies" is a 1927 short comedy silent film starring Jimmy Finlayson, and a pre-teamed Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy.


*James Finlayson as Oil tycoon Cyrus Brittle
*Stan Laurel as Brittle's lawyer
*Oliver Hardy as Brittle's butler
*Noah Young as Brittle's brother-in-law
*Charlotte Mineau as Mrs. Brittle
*Edna Marrion as Daughter
*Eugene Pallette as hardy look-alike
*Jack Hill as Hotel extra
*Charlie Hall as Hotel extra
*Sam Lufkin as Fun house ticket taker
*Dorothy Coburn as Girl in fun house
*Ray Cooke as Bellboy

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* 1927 in film
* Laurel and Hardy films

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