"Slab" can refer to:

Physical objects and substances

* A broad flat square or rectangular piece of wood, stone or other solid material used to construct buildings, pavements, patios, paths, etc: see Paver (flooring) and flagstone.
* An outside piece cut from a log when squaring it for lumber.
* In geology, "slab" refers to a subducting tectonic plate
* A less-than-vertical rock face or surface — used (for example) in rock-climbing
* In architecture and construction, a flat horizontal plate normally used as a floor or foundation: see Concrete slab, Slab-on-grade foundations, Hollow core slab and tilt slab
* A large rectangular piece of metal (dimensions: 1.25m wide, 230mm thick, 12m long), usually used in metal-working as a semi-finished product for further production into sheet metal


* In Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels, a troll narcotic — a street-name for ammonium chloride mixed with radium — which causes the user to "sit in a corner to watch the colours"
* A character on "The Ripping Friends"
* Slab (comics) is a Marvel Comics mutant villan.
* The Slab Boys is a play by the Scottish artist and playwright John Byrne.


* Slab (NCR), a unit of storage unique to the NCR 315
* A kernel slab, a contiguous piece of computer memory. See slab allocation.
* Another term for the "Candybar design" in electronics.


* In geometry, the area between two parallel hyperplanes


* In Australian slang, a carton or 24-pack of beer
* In Southern United States slang, a heavily modified car.
* Full-size luxury pre-1980 GM vehicles, primarily Buick, Oldsmobile, and Cadillac Fact|date=October 2007

Arts and Music

* Slab serif. In typography, a slab serif typeface is a type of serif typeface characterized by thick, block-like serifs.
* SLAB is the "Sound and Literary Arts Book" from Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania, which takes its name from the Saussure, Lacan, Althusser anf Barthes allusion, as well as "rock face" and "sitting in a corner to watch the colours" from Terry Pratchett.
* In film theory, "SLAB" refers to the post-structuralist approach to film theory. The name "SLAB" comes from the last names of Ferdinand de Saussure (linguist), Jaques Lacan (psychoanalyst), Louis Althusser (structural Marxist) and Roland Barthes (cultural theorist)
* SLAB Sydney funk/punk band formed in the Northern Beaches in 1999.
* Slow Loud And Banging, a hip hop subgenre from Texas, also known as Screwed & Chopped.
* Houston rap group S.L.A.B. (Slow, Loud, And, Bangin)


* SLAB is the NASDAQ stock exchange symbol for the semiconductor company Silicon_Laboratories
* SLAB, an Australian surfwear company


* Slab is the nickname of Thomas Murphy, an Irish republican, and alleged IRA Army Council Chief of Staff.

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