Baron Samedi (rapper)

Baron Samedi (rapper)

Baron Samedi is a rapper/producer based in London, UK and is currently signed to Main Rock Records.

He has been placed in rotation by numerous national radio stations including BBC Radio 1.

In 2006 he released his latest LP, "Ripping Yarns", which featured collaborations from such artists such as Apocraphe, Troy Scalpels, Redmaster and Lixx.


*"Theme Music" (2004)
*"The Formula" (2006)


*"Spit Happens: The Musical" (2003)
*"Ripping Yarns" (2006)

Other Projects

*"Mandroids" (1999) (Demo) - Baron Samedi/Shotslinga)
*"Sons Of Celluloid" (2002) (LP) - Undercurrent (Baron Samedi/Lixx)
*"Pirate Radio" (2004) (EP) - Undercurrent (Baron Samedi/Lixx)
*"Animal Rites" (2005) (Mixtape)
*"Crisis Talks" (2008) (Mixtape) - Undercurrent (Baron Samedi/Lixx)

External links

* [ Main Rock Records Official Website]
* [ Baron Samedi Official Website]
* [ Baron Samedi on Myspace]

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