Administrative scrivener

Administrative scrivener

, also known as gyosei-shoshi lawyers (certified administrative procedures specialists), form a legal profession in Japan. Administrative scriveners are authorized to represent clients in filings with administrative agencies, and in the preparation and negotiation of contracts and other "documents related to rights and duties." Gyosei shoshi is also known as "the lawyer of the town".

Attorneys at law, certified public accountants, patent attorneys and tax attorneys are automatically qualified as administrative scriveners. Any person who has worked in an "administrative position" at a government agency for 20 years is also entitled to the qualification. The third way to become an administrative scrivener is to pass an examination administered by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, which tests knowledge of the Constitution, Civil Code, Commercial Code and Administrative Code.

Administrative scriveners are found in a variety of roles. Many specialize in immigration matters, motor vehicle registrations, wills, or incorporating companies.

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* Scrivener
* Judicial scrivener

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* [ Japan Federation of Gyoseishoshi Lawyers' Associations] (Japanese)
* [ "What is a 'Gyoseishoshi Lawyer'?"]

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