Straw (disambiguation)

Straw (disambiguation)

Straw may refer to:

*Drinking straw
*Soda straw, a mineral
*Straw chamber, a particle detector
*Straw hat
*Straw marquetry
*Straw poll
*Straw, County Londonderry, a village in Northern Ireland

In entertainment:
*Straw (band), a British pop band of the 1990's
*"Final Straw", an album by Snow Patrol
*"Straw Dogs", a 1971 film
*Straw Hat Pirates, manga characters

In people:
*Ezekiel A. Straw (1819-1882), an American business manager and politician
*Jack Straw (disambiguation) may refer to
**Jack Straw (b.1946), a British politician
**Jack Straw (rebel leader), an English rebel leader of the 14th century
*Syd Straw, an American singer
*Thomas Straw (1870-1959), a British cricketer
*Will Straw (born 1980), a British civil servant

In moths:
*Barred Straw
*Straw Underwing

See also:
* Straw man (disambiguation)

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