Henry IV of Limburg

Henry IV of Limburg

Henry IV (1195 – 25 February 1247) was the duke of Limburg and count of Berg from 1226 to his death. He was the son of Waleran III, count of Luxembourg and duke of Limburg, and Cunigunda, daughter of Frederick I, Duke of Lorraine.

Originally lord of Montjoie, he married the heiress of the County of Berg, a daughter of the count Adolf III, who died at the Siege of Damietta in 1218. Ermengard and Henry could not immediately inherit the county, as it was held by Engelbert I, Archbishop of Cologne. Engelbert being the principal adviser of Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor, he was confirmed in the county for life, paying a rent to Henry and Ermengard.

Engelbert was assassinated on 7 November 1225 and Henry inherited Berg, inheriting Limburg a little while later. He then entrusted Montjoie to his brother Waleran, who already held Fauquemont. He then fought the count of Isambert, his brother-in-law, who was suspected of the assassination of Engelbert. In 1228, took part in the Sixth Crusade to the Holy Land. Upon returning to Germany, he made war on the archbishop of Cologne, Konrad von Hochstaden between 1238 and 1241. He was counted among the partisans of the Hohenstaufen.

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