Biribol is the name of a sport, which resembles an aquatic variation of Volleyball. It has originated in Brazil, in the city of Birigüi, in the 60's by Prof. Dario Miguel de Oliveira. It showed up as a group game and as an alternative to the practice and the learning of swimming. It's the newest sports modality in Brazil and the only group sport genuinely brazilian, born and instituded inside the country. [cite web |title = História do Biribol |url = |author = Montoro, Patricia |date = 2005-06-14 |publisher = EducaRede |accessdate = 2008-08-15]


Its practice is inside a pool which size is 8m length, 4m width and 1.30m depth (the depth must be this for the entire pool) with a net in the middle of the pool with 2.62m high for the male and with 2.40m high for the female practice.The game space is constituted by 7m high measured from the surface of the water. There is also an attack area, delimited by a line which cross the pool by 1.25m from where the net is in each side. There are lines that delimit the service area, by the end of the pool, 1m from its length limit and other 0.8m from its width limit. [cite web |title = Instalações e Equipamentos |url = |work = Liga Nacional de Biribol |accessdate = 2008-08-15]


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