Ark Two Shelter

Ark Two Shelter

A civilian-built nuclear bunker, the Ark Two is touted as the largest privately constructed fallout shelter in the world.

Located in the small town of Horning's Mills, north of Toronto, Ontario, the shelter was constructed out of the shells of 42 school buses which were buried underground in the 1980s, as moulds for the poured concrete bunker.

Powered by diesel generators, the shelter includes two kitchens, a septic tank, a private buried well, a chapel, x-ray machine and decontamination room.

After serving in the US Army in the 1960s, builder Bruce M. Beach moved to Canada in the 1970s, citing concerns that he might be interned in the United States.

On December 29th 1999, two days before some feared nuclear war may break out as a result of the Y2K Bug, police raided the shelter looking for weapons or explosives. Estimates suggest approximately 40 officers took part, although some were with the local firefighting brigade which questioned the safety of the compound. These agencies requested that the shelter be sealed and it is currently padlocked and welded closed.

External links

* [ Official website of the shelter and the Ark Two Community]
* [ It currently distributes a free informational Nuclear Survival Resource CD Via BitTorrent]

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