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General terms

*Balance (ability), an ability to maintain balance (see Equilibrioception below).
*Balance (accounting)
*Balance (metaphysics), a desirable point between two or more opposite forces.
*Balance of stereophonic sound.
*Balance beam, a piece of gymnastics apparatus.
*Balance board, a piece of training equipment.
*Balance disorder, the medical description of disordered balance.
*Balance scale, a device to measure the mass of an object.
*Balance wheel, a watch component.
*Engine balance
*Game balance, a concept in game design describing the fairness or balance of power in a game.
*Media balance, the amount of political content in the mass media.
*Tire balance

pecific terms

*"Balance" (Urdu: "Mizan" or ميزان), a comprehensive treatise on Islam written by Javed Ahmed Ghamidi, a Pakistani Sunni Islamic scholar.
*"Balance" (film), a 1989 Academy Award-winning short animated film.
*"Balance" (networking), a popular piece of software for load balancing.
*"Balance" (puzzle), a puzzle resembling Sudoku.
*"Balance", a poem by Patti Smith from her book "kodak".
*BALANCE Act (H.R. 1066), the Benefit Authors without Limiting Advancement or Net Consumer Expectations Act.
*"Balance Bar", a popular nutritional energy bar.


*Balance (band), a 1980s pop/rock group.
*"Balance" (Van Halen album)
*"Balance" (Kim-Lian album)

imilar terms

*"Ballance", a 2004 computer puzzle game.
*Balanced line (electronics).
*Balancing (or "hard balancing") in international relations.
*Rebalancing (investment), an action to bring investments in line with target asset allocation.

ee also

*Chemical equilibrium
*Dynamic equilibrium
*Economic equilibrium
*Homeostasis, the biological balance or systemic equilibrium within a living organism.
*Mechanical equilibrium
*Equilibrioception, the sense of balance or spacial equilibrium in humans and animals.
*Stability (disambiguation)

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