World Climate Report

World Climate Report

World Climate Report, a newsletter edited by Patrick Michaels, was produced by the Greening Earth Society, [] a non-profit organization created by the Western Fuels Association. [] Early editions were paper based; it then transferred to web-only. It appears to have ceased publication as a "report" with volume 8 in 2002. It appears to have re-invented itself in "blog" format at [] World Climate Report presents a skeptic view of what its staff calls global warming alarmism, but evinces a belief that CO2 is a major anthropogenic greenhouse gas emitted through fossil fuel burning and also that it causes the Earth to warm. [cite news |last= World Climate Report |title= Methane Matters |url= |work= World Climate Report |date= April 13, 2007 |accessdate= 2007-05-03 |quote= "There is no doubt that fossil fuel burning around the world is causing an increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration, and CO2 remains the number one anthropo-generated greenhouse gas." [and] " [M] ethane is far more powerful as a greenhouse gas than CO2 – the same mass of methane would warm the earth 23 times more than the same mass of CO2."] [cite news |last= World Climate Report |title= Global Warming: Something New Under the Sun? |url= |work= World Climate Report |date= May 10, 2005 |accessdate= 2007-05-09 |quote= "Before you kill the greenhouse effect, please note that we think this is a lot of hooey. But if you accept these results, that’s where you have to go." [and] "That’s our take, because it’s the only one that seems internally consistent. But, if somehow we are wrong (a rare event), then greenhouse warming is over, as the sensitivity of the earth’s temperature to carbon dioxide has been grossly overestimated. Believe us, we’d like to hope the latter is correct, but we have to call things in the most logical fashion."] Patrick Michaels, the Chief Editor of World Climate Report, has explicitly written elsewhere that "what's not new in today's IPCC report [Feb. 2, 2007] " is "that humans are warming the planet." [cite news |first= Patrick |last= Michaels |title= New Climate for Global Energy Policy |url= |work= Cato Institute Opinion & Commentary |date= February 6, 2007 |accessdate= 2007-05-03 |quote= In summary, what's not new in today's IPCC report -- that humans are warming the planet -- will be treated as big news, while what is new -- that sea levels are not likely to rise as much as previously predicted -- will be ignored, at least by everyone except the extremist fringe.]

WCR says of itself:

: "World Climate Report, a concise, hard-hitting and scientifically correct response to the global change reports which gain attention in the literature and popular press. As the nation's leading publication in this realm, World Climate Report is exhaustively researched, impeccably referenced, and always timely. This popular biweekly newsletter points out the weaknesses and outright fallacies in the science that is being touted as "proof" of disastrous warming. It's the perfect antidote against those who argue for proposed changes to the Rio Climate Treaty, such as the Kyoto Protocol, which are aimed at limiting carbon emissions from the United States...World Climate Report has become the definitive and unimpeachable source for what "Nature" now calls the “mainstream skeptic” point of view." [] .

In addition to Patrick Michaels (Chief Editor), the staff are listed as Robert C. Balling, Jr (Contributing Editor) and Robert Davis (Contributing Editor) and Paul Knappenberger (Administrator). [] .

New Hope Environmental Services [] , an advocacy science consulting firm, claims WCR as its bi-weekly newsletter.


* WCR cited by the Space Science and Engineering Center of the University of Wisconsin-Madison: "In the News: a monthly newsletter", " [ Data and Imagery] ," April 2007.
* [ Frontiers of Freedom] 's [ Center for Science and Public Policy] produced a document entitled " [ Recent Research in Climate Change Issues] " in 2005, compiled from numerous WCR articles.

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* [] Fact sheet on World Climate Report, from a site focusing on documenting Exxon-Mobil's funding of climate change skeptics. ExxonSecrets's documentation fails to include any figures on the amount, or proportion in relation to total funding, of Exxon-Mobil's funding of World Climate Report.

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