Jin may refer to:

Chinese contexts

* Jin Chinese (晋语) a.k.a. Jin-yu spoken dialect
* Jin (surname) (金, 靳, 晉)
* Jin, a.k.a. Catty (斤), unit of weight
* Jìn (晋), abbreviation of province Shanxi
* Ancient Chinese history:
** Jin of Xia (廑, 1810-1789 BCE)
** Jin (state) (晉, 746–403 BCE), in northern China
** State of Jin (c. 900-923), state founded by Li Keyong and coexisting with the Later Liang Dynasty
** Jin Dynasty (1115–1234), 金朝, a ruling dynasty of a Jurchen kingdom


* Jin state (3rd-2nd centuries BCE, 辰國), in southern Korea
* Jin kingdom (698-926) (震國) a.k.a. Balhae, in northern Korea and Manchuria
* Jin, a Korean surname

Modern culture

* Jin (ジン), a.k.a. Jinn (band)
* Jin (rapper) (born 1982), Chinese-American entertainer
* Jin Akanishi (born 1984), Japanese musician
* Jin Records, label

Fictional characters

* A leading character in "Samurai Champloo" media
* Jin, a.k.a. Red Flash, one of Flashmen in "Choushinsei Flashman"
* Jin, character in "O-Parts Hunter "series
* Jin (YuYu Hakusho)
* Jin Kariya, in "Bleach"
* Jin Kazama, in "Tekken"
* Jin Saotome,
* Jin Uzuki, in "Xenosaga"
* Jin-Soo Kwon, in "Lost"


* Jin, a deadwood bonsai technique

ee also

* Jinn, a.k.a. djinn or genie
* Jinn (disambiguation)
* Jin Dynasty (disambiguation)

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