Envelope (disambiguation)

Envelope (disambiguation)

An envelope is the paper container used to hold a letter being sent by post.

Envelope may also refer to:

In science:
* Envelope (mathematics), a curve, surface, or higher dimensional object defined as being tangent to a given family of lines or curves (or surfaces, or higher dimensional objects, respectively).
* ADSR envelope, the variation of a sound over time, as is used in sound synthesis
* Viral envelope, the membranal covering surrounding the capsid of a virus
* Envelope structure, the typical three-dimensional structure of the cyclopentane molecule

In applied science:
* Envelope (mechanical engineering), a solid representing all positions that an object may occupy during its normal range of motion
* Envelope (aerospace), the limits within which an aircraft can operate
* Envelope (lighter-than-air craft), the airtight covering that holds buoyant gas, in a blimp, airship, gas balloon or hot air balloon
* Building envelope, the exterior layer of a building that protects it from the elements
* Envelope detector, in electronics, an envelope is a curve that bounds another curve or set of curves, as the modulation envelope of a carrier wave

In entertainment:
* Envelope (band), a Danish pop/rock band
* Envelopes (band), an indie/pop band from Sweden and France, based in the UK

ee also

* Two envelope problem, a paradox
* Double envelopment or Pincer movement

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