Viktor Schauberger

Viktor Schauberger

Viktor Schauberger (30 June188525 September1958) was a Austrian forester/forest warden, naturalist, philosopher, inventor and Biomimicry experimenter. He believed he was "more intelligent than all of the world's existing scientists" and evidence suggests that he was possibly a narcissist. ["Scientific Genius and Uneducated Guesswork", Professor Joseph Silk, Oxford University Press, 2000.]

In recent times, he has become part of an internet conspiracy theory in which he purportedly created 'free energy devices' that the US government are "covering up". However, these devices have failed to work under scientific scrutiny and violate the simple, fundamental physical law of Conservation of energy.

The inventor of what he called "implosion technology", Schauberger developed his own theories based on fluidic vortices and movement in nature. None of Schauberger's work has received mainstream acceptance.


Early years

Viktor Schauberger was born in Holzschlag, Austria, to a long line of Austrian foresters that could be traced back to early germanic tribes with views on and concepts of nature entirely different than the ones known to us nowadays. Creek and river flow fascinated him during his youth. He went on to develop a basic theory that contains a twofold movement principle for such phenomena.

His first idea was brought on by trout. The fact that they could use so little force to go against the current inspired him to study the force that allowed such effortless motion. His study of trout concluded in the theory of natural vortexes.

Schauberger's second major theory was in the structure of water. He believed that water is at its densest when cold (at +4C water anomaly point) (and at the time of a full moon), and that there are many layers in the structure of flowing water. He claimed that nature creates vortexes to create equilibriums. He further claimed that our current form of energy production/consumption scatters matter into disequilibrium. His studies were not approved by science at the time, even when his ideas were put into practice.Fact|date=March 2008

In 1926, he undertook research at a timber flotation installation in Neuberg an der Mürz in Styria. In 1929 Schauberger submitted his first applications for patents in the fields of water engineering and turbine construction. He conducted research on how to artificially generate centripetal movement in various types of machines. He proposed a means of utilising hydroelectric power by a jet turbine. The log flumes used for timber flotation allegedly disregarded the Law of Archimedes, i.e., Schauberger was allegedly able to transport heavier-than-water objects by creating a centripetal movement (making the timber spin around its own axis, by special guiding-vanes which caused the water to spiral). Professor Forchheimer was sent to study the log flumes.

World War II

In 1934 Viktor was meeting with HitlerFact|date=August 2008, and had discussions about fundamental principles of agriculture, forestry and water engineering.Fact|date=August 2008 However, Schauberger refused to work for the German Reich.Fact|date=August 2008

In 1941, an intrigue caused by the Viennese Association of EngineersFact|date=March 2008 resulted in Schauberger's enforced confinement in a mental hospital in Mauer-Öhling, under continuous observation by the SS.Fact|date=August 2008In Augsburg, Schauberger worked with Messerschmitt on engine cooling systems and was in correspondence with designer Heinkel about aircraft engines.Fact|date=August 2008

In 1944, Schauberger continued to develop his Repulsine machine at the Technical College of Engineering at Rosenhügel in Vienna. By May 1945 a prototype had been constructed.Fact|date=August 2008

In 1945 Schauberger started to work on his "Klimator".Fact|date=August 2008

At the end of the war Schauberger was apprehended by US intelligence agentsFact|date=August 2008, and kept in custody for 9 months.Fact|date=August 2008 They confiscated all his documents and prototypes, and interrogated him to determine his activities during the war. [ Nick Cook, "The Hunt for Zero Point - Inside the Classified World of Antigravity Technology" (2001) ISBN 0-7679-0628-4 / ISBN 0-7679-0627-6 ]

After the war Schauberger continued his work, leading to water-based power generation through vortex action in a closed cycle, the "Spiral Plough", an "Apparatus for soil cultivation made of copper" and tests with "spiral pipes".Fact|date=August 2008

Later years

In 1958 Schauberger was approached by Karl Gerchsheimer and Robert Donner, with an invitation to come to the US to further develop his inventions.

Schauberger spent several months in the US writing articles and drawing sketches, then returned to Austria. He died in Linz, Austria, on September 25 1958, 5 days after having returned to Linz.

Implosion Magazine

"Implosion" is a quarterly magazine founded in 1958 by Aloys Kokaly, generally aimed at the lay reader, which is still published quarterly or semi-annually by Klaus Rauber. It has been, without doubt, the richest repository of Viktor Schauberger's writing (in German), and has been the source of substantial portions of the Eco-Technology series.


In 1930, "Tragendes Wasser" was filmed, showing the functioning of the log flumes. Three documentaries in English dealing with the life and works of Viktor Schauberger are in existence:
*"Nature Was My Teacher" - Borderland Science Research Foundation - narrated by Tom Brown (1993)
*"Sacred Living Geometries" - narrated by Callum Coats (1995)
*"Extraordinary Nature of Water" - narrated by Callum Coats (2000)


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*various books on Viktor Schauberger, []
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